Zeotap launches ‘Connect’ – deterministic telecom-based identity matching solution integrated across 7 DSP and DMP channels


Zeotap, the global mobile data platform today announced the launch of its identity solution, Connect, which deterministically matches brands’ offline data to online identifiers. Zeotap is the first and only company to offer this solution at a global scale via its partnerships with telecom operators. Connect is integrated with seven DSP and DMP channels, including Google Marketing Platform, The Trade Desk, Appnexus, Adform and Amobee amongst others.

Zeotap’s Connect has been built around privacy-by-design principles to comply with GDPR and global privacy standards. This identity matching solution, integrated with 3 of the 5 largest telecom operators in India, is based on a unique patented telco identity graph that helps brands connect emails and phone numbers (offline 1st party CRM data) to device IDs and mobile/desktop cookies (online identifiers), allowing brands to unleash the full power of their own data. Zeotap can additionally append further data attributes to these matches, allowing brands to make use of zeotap’s targeting intelligence capabilities. As a result, brands can gain better insight on their users and benefit from an advanced targeting strategy based on zeotap’s accurate socio-demo and behavioral data.

  • Zeotap’s Connect is the first global solution to offer deterministic matches between offline first-party CRM data and online identifiers through its integration with the largest telecom operators
  • Connect is built around privacy-by-design principles to comply with GDPR and other global privacy standards
  • Connect caters to world-class brands across several key verticals such as QSR/fast-food, FMCG and travel, ensuring customers from their offline CRMs can be reached online

Commenting on the launch, Projjol Banerjea, Founder & CPO said, ‘We are excited to bring Connect to the Indian market, with the quality and accuracy assurance that characterizes us. Connect enables our customers to bridge the offline-online advertising gap, while having a more rounded vision of their target audience’s socio-demo and behavioral composition. Today, Connect is readily available and integrated across major DSP and DMP channels, and we’re confident it will bring nothing but outstanding campaign results.”

Some of the Connect security and privacy measures include working with securely hashed identifiers (hashed email addresses or phone numbers) that are always stored independently. Zeotap also uses its own identifier – the ZeoID – which is a rotating hashkey that securely separates brands’ identity data from zeotap’s targeting attributes. Zeotap has also been granted with several enterprise-grade security and privacy certifications to prove their compliance, including ISO 27001, CSA STAR Silver and the e-privacy GDPR-ready seal in Europe.
Premium brands the world over, across verticals such as QSR/fast-food, FMCG and travel, trust zeotap with activating their 1st party CRM data and optimizing their marketing campaigns.

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