Electronics For You Magazine is Now on JIO


EFY Group has announced that its publications are now available on the Reliance JIO platform, where subscribers of Reliance JIO can read the magazine for free.

“We have received a tremendous response for our flagship publication – Electronics For You through Reliance JIO, with initial readership figures crossing 50,000 mark within a few days,” shared Ramesh Chopra, Founder and Editor, Electronics For You. “We hope to see our readership increase by another 100,000 to 200,000 on a monthly basis-thanks to this new platform.”

Electronics For You, Open Source For You and Electronics Bazaar are the three publications of EFY Group that are now available for subscribers of Reliance JIO for free. All they need to do is go to the Magazines app, select ‘Technology’ as the category, and they will see all these three publications. Issues starting Jan 2016 have been provided on the JIO platform. A Reliance JIO subscriber has to pay no money to read these publications.

While EFY gets a royalty fee from the content partner of Reliance JIO, Ramesh explains that this revenue is small change as compared to the boost in advertising revenues expected because of the increased readership. “Yes, some of our news-stands and subscription customers may switch to JIO, but overall we expect the current base to remain intact as we believe that they value the convenience offered by the print edition. Through JIO, we hope to reach out to an entirely new set of readers – the ‘Digital India’ generation,” he added.