BharatPe Ex Chief Business Officer Pratekk Agarwaal joins Decentro as an Investor & Advisor

Pratekk Agarwaal brings a decade long experience from the financial world, and will help accelerate new category penetrations as a new member of the advisory council.


Decentro, one of India’s leading API banking platforms, is pleased to announce that it has added Pratekk Agarwaal to its growing list of advisory council members. He will support Decentro with strategic advice on expanding alliances with fintechs, banks, NBFCs and insurtech companies that are looking to embed API Banking workflows. He is also an angel investor at Decentro and will help them with his deep network in multiple spaces – Financial Services , Payments , Insurance , Lending, FMCG , Marketplaces and more for faster penetration.

Pratekk brings 18 years of multi industry experience in building a successful business from scratch with a strong focus on financial services. He has previously worked with India’s leading fintech and NBFCs including BharatPe, Bajaj Finserve, Fullerton , IndoStar Capital , and ftcash. He has recently founded, Trutes Advisors, a boutique business advisory firm, that helps Startup Founders & NBFCs with a range of operations from sharpening business models to hiring the right talent.

Commenting on the latest workforce development, Rohit Taneja, Founder & CEO, Decentro, says, “Really happy to have Pratekk joining us on this mission to help both the new age companies as well as existing financial institutions get access to banking APIs in a fully democratic way at 1/10th the cost and time as compared to the alternative. At Decentro, we really value people with entrepreneurial experiences that bring along a holistic view of the landscape. We are expanding our modular product line to provide a seamless infrastructure for co-branded cards, and embedded finance to various companies across the country.”

“I have been closely monitoring Decentro and have been fascinated by its growth in a span of just 12 months as well as its potential to bring digital transformation for financial products with lower operational expenses and faster go to market timelines. The team has a great combination of high-paced execution abilities and the product is powerful and unique in terms of its plug and play approach that I have seen first hand on the customer front. I look forward to working with the Founder’s and unlocking the immense value potential with them for their journey over the many years and decades to come across India and beyond as well,” says Pratekk Agarwaal.

Decentro has grown its customer base by 5X in the past 7 months since January and its transactional volume has grown exponentially by more than 100X over the last 12 months since its first product launch in July 2020. The company is processing more than 4.5 million API hits now per month and is looking to augment its current workforce of 22, for additional positions across engineering, compliance, and bank partnerships in the current financial year.

Decentro recently announced a strategic partnership with Quickwork, bringing together two new and exciting domains, BaaS and iPaaS for the first time in India. This integration reduces manual data entry, increases productivity, and provides access to banking flows for small and non-tech companies in various processes like KYC & Onboarding, Virtual Accounts for Money Collection, Automated Payouts, Credit Bureau checks and many more.