Whats App Brings New Feature to Tackle Fake News and Rumors


WhatsApp users can now submit ‘uncertain’ information of rumors they receive in their phones through a feature called Checkpoint Tipline. PROTO, an Indian media skilling startup is behind the feature but the project was commissioned and technically assisted by WhatsApp.

How the feature works

Users can report any suspicious piece of information on +91-9643-000-888. Once the message is submitted, PROTO’s verification service will seek to respond and inform the user if the claim made in the shared message is verified or not.

The response received will inform the user about the authenticity of the information and whether it is true, fake, misleading or disputed. Users can send images, video links, texts to verify the authenticity of the information they have received.

This feature supports English as well as regional languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali. The feature was also used during elections in France and Mexico.