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2000+ employers are using the interview platform to connect with the right candidates, faster

In spite of being in an age where technology has permeated into most aspects of one’s daily life, the recruitment scene has still not harnessed the power of technology and automation, to connect the right talent to the right job.

Finding a way to source, interview and recruit the right talent is time consuming and is a big challenge for recruiters/employers. For job seekers, finding relevant job openings and being able to appear for interviews when and where scheduled, is a huge deterrent.

But there’s hope around the corner., an online interview platform, promises to rid recruiters of hiring woes and help job seekers find their dream jobs, faster.

Their main USP is the ‘pre-screening interview process, where job seekers can choose jobs based on their preference and take pre-screening interviews at their convenient time. The employers, on the other hand, get a ready pool of interviewed candidates to choose from. The recorded pre-screening interviews are made available to recruiters/employers for listening at any time.

Kumar Mangalapalli, CEO, interviewfox says,We value efficiency and believe in the fact that building a company is all about people. Hence, we use relentless automation leveraging technology to make the right people connect, faster.

The platform has already helped several clients to cut down their hiring time by 80% and save resource time by up to 60%.

How does it work?

Latest technologies like resume parsing, semantic matching, speech synthesis, telephony and machine learning, are used for making the portal highly accurate and relevant, ensuring better job fit.

The resumes are aggregated from multiple sources such as resume databases, social sites, job boards and referrals, thus capturing talent from a wider pool.

Advantages for Job Seekers –

– Job seekers can search for open jobs based on preferences and take pre-screening interviews online, at a convenient time.

– The platform offers the option of recording an audio profile, to create that great first impression on prospective employers. The recorded audio clip is made available to recruiters, and increases chances of getting noticed and shortlisted.

– The platform also facilitates conversations between candidates and recruiters through chat, email and bridge calls.

– interviewfox mobile app for easy job search and interviews on-the-go

What’s in it for employers?

Recruiters no longer need to sacrifice speed for quality and vice versa.

Hiring decisions are augmented using Artificial Intelligence; only the most relevant candidates are presented, thereby saving recruiters from the time consuming tasks of resume aggregating and review. The pre-screening interviews help do away with the need to manually contact and screen thousands of candidates in order to sift out relevant ones.

The platform also offers the flexibility to add multiple hiring team members so as to take collaborative hiring decisions, and also helps recruiters offer the right experience to the modern day candidates, by engaging with them through chat, email and bridge calls.

The best part is that recruiters/employers can opt for a free 14-day trial with 2 job postings, to test out the platform.

How to get started?

Job seekers:

– Get on to or download the app

– Search for open jobs based on preferences

– Take pre-screening interviews

– Stay updated and engage with prospective employers

– Negotiate and choose the best offer


– Sign up for the free 14-day trial on

– Create profile and add hiring team members.

– Post jobs and set pre-screening questions

– View relevant applications and listen to pre-screening interviews

– Engage, shortlist and make an offer