Few days back, My Philips trimmer (Model: QT 4000) had got an issue as the trimmer blade was not moving and even after full charge it was not working properly. While I was trimming it got stuck in between. I thought that may be some dust or hair may have stuck inside the trimmer opening so I opened to see the same and cleared the mess inside but still the problem persisted. After that I opened the trimmer opening and blade and then I disassembled the blade again from its base where it was fitted with a hook connecting to the trimmer base. But again while I was trying to assemble back after some cleaning, it was not aligning with the base and was loosening up. After much effort I tried again but didn’t succeed.

Then I tried calling PHILIPS Customer Care, and it was in Kirti Nagar Centre in West Delhi of New Delhi city, which I found out after Google search. The person at the call was very cordial and listened to my complaint and suggested me that Philips also provides service of door to door customer repairing wherein their engineer/technician would visit the customer premises and troubleshoot the product and get it done final and that too even for Trimmer which is a small product and comes under personal care. He gave me the toll free customer care number. I have learnt about TV and Fridge and other large appliances being serviced at customer doorstep but not a handy product like trimmer. There’s no need for a customer to visit service center and wait in long queues with a token number in hand.
I called the toll free number and the agent at the other end noted my details and product complaint and then the next day the service engineer came. He fixed the entire thing fast and accurately and in lesseer time. He also told me that we should never mishandle the inner mechanical arrangement of the Trimmer as it may damage the product permanently. After fixing it up he told me to test it and kudos, it was just working and sounding like a new one. The light buzzing sound of Trimmer gave me the feeling of getting back my product back to action and the gadget deemed fit and also my belief in the Philips classy product increased. Truly amazing. This kind of quick after sales service I haven’t seen anywhere when compared with any Philips products.

The visiting charges for the service engineer are 100 rs – 150 rs + cost of the parts if replaced with a new one. If there’s nothing new to be replaced then only visiting charges are applicable.

PHILIPS Trimmer For Men is the best in terms of products quality, price, long life and durability and ease of use. And after sales service is excellent.

Reviewed by

Naveen Kumar