PayPal Fees Update On International Payments Received In India From Abroad In 2024


PayPal is the most preferred way of receiving payments for most of the businesses and individuals who provide online services or goods. Freelancers, E-Commerce sites, Gig workers and business merchants use PayPal widely though there are other sources of getting payments like Payoneer, Wire transfer etc. Here we show the break up of what PayPal charges for it’s Indian customers on payments received from their clients abroad.

For International payments: 4.4% (Transaction Fees) + 0.30 USD (Fixed Fee) + 18% GST on (Transactions Fees + Fixed Fee)    

For example: If you receive $ 100 USD, you will be charged with PayPal fees approximately of $ 5.546 USD. The calculation goes as below:

Transaction Fee: $ 4.4 USD
Fixed Fee: $ 0.3 USD
18% GST on (Transactions Fees + Fixed Fee): $ 0.85 USD

PayPal Fees = Transactions Fees + Fixed Fee + 18% on fees charged= $ 4.4 USD + $ 0.3 USD + $  USD 0.85 = $ 5.546 USD   

When you receive the payment of $ 100 USD the total fees will be charged as $ 5.546 USD and you will receive the remaining amount of $ 94.454 USD