MergerDomo Launches QSAAT – the Free Funding Readiness Self-Assessment Tool All StartUps Should Take Advantage Of

Comprehensive investment readiness report that combines automated results with analysts' insights


QSAAT, Quick Startup Algorithm-based Assessment Tool, helps Startups determine for themselves, how prepared they are to approach investors for funding. Launched by MergerDomo, the online global, tech-based investment banking marketplace, QSAAT is the first-of-its-kind in the country and provides an unbiased assessment of various aspects of a startup business.

Understanding QSAAT

  • A free, investment readiness check before one pitches to investors.
  • Analysis of business model based on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Personalised recommendations from an investor’s perspective.
  • A detailed report that lists gaps and corresponding corrective measures.

Hormazd Charna, Founder and CEO, MergerDomo, says, “One of the biggest constraints that startups face is the lack of clarity on whether their business is ready to attract investments. That leaves a big gap between a founder’s perception of what investors are looking for and what investors actually seek. We are addressing this gap with the comprehensive assessment report backed by unbiased results from our algo-based tool.”

Steps to get a QSAAT report

  • User can begin by registering as a startup on
  • Upon registration, answer a set of questions (based on the stage of startup), related to the registered company’s nature of business. All answers are entirely confidential and used solely for the purpose of  self-assessment.
  • The tool’s algorithm then generates a report with personalised recommendations based on an investor’s perspective.
  • Following this, a MergerDomo analyst conducts a deep-dive to identify gaps and suggests corrective measures, or gives a thumbs-up for an investor meet.

The startup has the option of keeping the validated assessment report for its own internal use or using it to sign up for investor meetings. Startups can unlock opportunities to meet investors from a multitude of fields on the MergerDomo panel through an Expression of Interest (EOI), which is a pre-purchased credit at a nominal fee. Since the platform fosters confidentiality, all potential deals are initially shown without revealing the identity of interested parties, and are displayed after acceptance of EOI from the Investor.

There has been significant interest in QSAAT during the pre-launch phase. It has the potential to bring a radical change in the way startups seek funding and understand investor expectations.