Instagram Locked Account! Follow This Easy Step To Restore It Back And Login Successfuly

Instagram Locked Account! Follow This Easy Step To Restore It Back And Login Successfuly

So you are facing Instagram locked account issue for some reason! Tried resetting through security code but the code doesn’t come to your Instagram user registered e-mail? Then read on as I am going to give you a very simple and easy step to receive the code on your mail.

Sometimes some Instagram users may notice that their account is locked and to retrieve the same, users are required to submit a code to verify themselves that are genuine. But the problem comes when the code doesn’t come to your e-mail registered with Instagram. This could frustrate users as they may have some important work to do on the social media giant Instagram but are not able to verify themselves and login.

So when you encounter this problem you don’t have to worry as the best and simplest solution is listed below.

Open the Instagram login screen in incognito Tito mode of your browser (Firefox/Chrome or whatever browser you use) and when you get the account is locked screen, you click the button to receive security code into your mail. You would see that when you check your mail inbox you would have got a mail from Instagram mentioning “Verify your account” as subject line. When you open that mail you will see the verification code. That’s it folks! You are now ready to login to your Instagram account after successful verification.

Another solution could be to use a reputed VPN like NordVPN. When you connect through a VPN it will mask the network with your preferred country/location IP address. After connecting with VPN, you open the browser and repeat the same process as mentioned in above paragraph. You will get mail for sure for account verification.