Top 3 Professional Tools for Managing Cloud Drives


In the past, you may store and access your data only through your PC, which is so limited. However, if you utilize cloud drives to save your data, you can access them quickly without the limitation of time and place. People nowadays often have more than one cloud drive since there are many options in the market, and both individuals and companies have a lot of data to store. Then how to manage your cloud drives efficiently may become an urgent question you may encounter.

Do you want to know which cloud drive managers will be the most effective ones in 2021? This article will introduce you top 3 professional tools specializing in dealing with your cloud drives and data in any of your cloud drives. With the help of those useful tools, you can access and navigate the file you want in your cloud drives very quickly and easily. Thus, you can use any of them and pick the one that suits you most after reading. Every technical tool has unique requirements, so make sure to optimize all parts of your operation.

Why Professional Cloud Drive Manager is Important to you?

1. Quick Platform Change Supported. Most cloud drive managers in the market support more than 5 cloud drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP and so on. In this case, when you use those cloud drive managers, frequent account shifting can be avoided since they collect so many cloud drives in the market in just one platform. In this way, you can change any of your cloud drive accounts quickly and easily with just one click, which saves your time to the greatest extent.

2. Easy and Efficient. Imagine that how do you transfer a file from one cloud drive to another? Do you download it first and then upload it manually to another one? This method is feasible if the file is not large. When it comes to a large file, it will cost a lot of energy and time. In this situation, you can ask cloud file manager for help, which can transfer your files swiftly and simply from one cloud drive to another, for example, migrating Dropbox to OneDrive.

3. Secure and Safe. Professional cloud drive manages will neither store your account and password information nor your data in any of your cloud drives. So, you can use those technical tools with confidence.

4. Cost Effective. Compared to the cost of hard drive maintaining, cloud drive manager is not only cheaper but also can protect data in cloud drives efficiently, especially for companies that have lots of data to maintain.

Professional Tools for Managing your Cloud Drives Better:

1. MultCloud

“I decide to upload a large file to my Dropbox, but the network always goes down. Then how can I upload it in Dropbox efficiently?”

In this kind of situation, MultCloud can help you. With the feature of Remote Upload, you can add files to Google Drive or any other drives you like. Even though the network is interrupted, the uploading process will continue instead of restarting all over again from the beginning which would happen when you use other ways.

In addition, it also offers you features, for example, “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync”. As a professional cloud file manager, it aims to meet users’ requirements to the greatest extent and manage users’ data in cloud drives effectively.

2. Wondershare InClowdz

“I’m a big fan of a great superstar and I’ve stored lots of photos to one of my cloud drives from the social media. But the question is that there are many of the same photos since I forgot I had stored them before. How could I find out to delete those duplications in a quick and easy way?”

It is a common phenomenon that most followers and fans are bound to encounter. Because those people never get tired of browsing and saving their idols’ pictures. To solve this problem, Wondershare InClowdz is more recommended. It can accurately identify any files holding the same name, size and date to eliminate duplications and further save the users from the hassle.

3. CloudFuze

“I own a company and plan to move data from one cloud drive to another. As you can see, these data are of great importance and most of them are large. I have to be careful! Then what is the best way for me to do so?”

In this case, you could use CloudFuze to help. As a pioneer in cloud-to-cloud data migration, CloudFuze has served a great many businesses. It provides an enterprise-ready transferring engine, and could safely track the progress file during the migration. So, you can transfer your vital data via this tool with confidence.

Besides, CloudFuze provides customer services online. So, if you have any questions, you can chat with the staff online.

Final Thought

We hope that after reading this article, you will no longer be hesitant to figure out which cloud file managers you should use. You may now quickly find the best tool to manage your data. These technical tools are used by many individuals and businesses to transfer and sync data from one cloud drive to another. You might benefit from these professional tools if you have multiple cloud drives and a great many data to manage.