Team Aminder Expands its Network of Teachers to 10,000 for Promoting Sustainable, Non-toxic and Clean Fitness Practices


Team Aminder, a unique online training program operating worldwide, promoting sustainable and clean fitness practices, today announced that it has expanded its footprint to a network of 10,000 teachers in India. It’s a dedicated community of teachers who are on a mission to transform the lives of 1 billion individuals by educating them with sustainable, non-toxic, and clean fitness practices. Team Aminder is a one-of-its-kind of a community of teachers who are working on the key objective of making these 1 billion individuals self-dependent to meet their own fitness goals by rightly guiding them with their long-term goal of achieving Prolonged wellness which other conventional trainers are ignorant of.

Aminder Singh, Founder, and Director of Team Aminder

Mentored by the visionary Aminder Singh, TeamAminder’s expansion aims to turn the highly unorganized and misled fitness industry into an organized and also to support the FIT INDIA Movement initiative by the government of India. This program brings about behavioral changes amongst individuals, encourages them to move towards a more physically active lifestyle, and help them to maintain a self-sustaining fitness regime.

Mr. Aminder Singh as a visionary has always been researching and working on this exclusive goal for the last 13 years with his 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. The fitness Guru has been changing the dynamics of the fitness industry across boundaries with his fastest-growing community. His goal is to target individuals across borders and help them practice authentic/Clean fitness for their desired goals.

“Fitness is not about training; it’s about learning the science of health and practicing it for prolonged wellness. In order to reshape the fitness industry and bring about a healthy society, we believe that the unauthentic fitness culture must be cleaned up and eventually eliminated not only in India but all across the world. I am certain that we as a team are on the right track to bring that transformation in the industry. Our unique programs have disrupted lives of individuals across age groups,” said Aminder Singh, Founder, and Director of Team Aminder.

“We want to spread awareness on fitness, and make fitness reach every school, college/university, panchayat/village, create a platform for citizens of India to share information, drive awareness ahead, and encourage sharing of personal fitness stories,” he added.

In order to offer the highest quality of training, Team Aminder created mentors instead of trainers to raise the importance of wellness and highlight Health crises across the world. In the last few years, Team Aminder has earned the respect of people all across the globe and continues to work to redefine the future of fitness.

About Team Aminder

Aminder Singh is the founder of Team Aminder, which is a start-up with a unique online training program operating worldwide. Team Aminder to target 1 billion individuals and help them practice clean fitness to achieve their targeted fitness goals and prolonged wellness. The idea behind the initiative is to give a boost to the Fit India Movement and establish a community of mentors who are working towards educating individuals and helping them maintain a self-sustaining fitness regime.

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