Startup Company Offering Free Gold Nugget With Every Purchase


Startup company It’s NERD is giving out a gold nugget for free with every purchase until Aug. 15

In an attempt to revolutionize gifting, startup It’s NERD is offering a free gold nugget with every purchase. It’s NERD is mostly known for selling innovative technologies and unique gifts in the USA and Canada.

As part of the It’s NERD launch, every order is eligible for a free gold nugget. “It’s the perfect gift add-on – a piece that does not lose value, a piece that will be kept forever,” says Mario Bahri, a young entrepreneur and CEO of It’s NERD. For several years, gold has always retained or increased in worth, making it the most treasured gift to give to newborn babies, newlyweds or simply a friend. For those who don’t know what gold nuggets look like, just picture the gold pearls that appeared in the last season of “Money Heist”.

Bahri is a physicist from École Polytechnique and has a strong interest in innovative products. “I used to spend countless hours searching for the perfect gift for my girlfriend, only to end up buying her a cliché gift. Something was missing. The industry is full of innovative products, but we keep on gifting the same old-fashioned gifts.” The It’s NERD catalog includes a variety of gifts for both her and him. As part of his initiative, Bahri is confident that this gold nugget will revolutionize the way people look at gifting.