Redefine Travel Data Intelligence: Airsavvi Launches as VariFlight’s Data Arm for Corporate Clients

Redefine Travel Data Intelligence: Airsavvi Launches as VariFlight's Data Arm for Corporate Clients
Airsavvi launch ceremony

VariFlight, a leading aviation technology group, has launched a global brand dedicated to its data services for enterprises on August 23 in Singapore. Airsavvi, the new brand, is well-positioned to be an expert of travel data intelligence and will focus on helping travel businesses build smarter data application capabilities for achieving growth.

An Expert of Travel Data Intelligence

Redefine Travel Data Intelligence: Airsavvi Launches as VariFlight's Data Arm for Corporate Clients
Airsavvi launch ceremony

Airsavvi fully inherits VariFlight’s unrivaled aviation data expertise and moves forward by incorporating data of land transportation like high-speed railway and ride hailing. This comprehensive coverage of different types of travel data, together with the brand’s prominent algorithms and computing power, will provide data-driven and more insightful supports for travel and transportation companies worldwide.

“It is the market that calls for a service like Airsavvi,” said Mr. Zheng Hongfeng, Founder and CEO of VariFlight, during a speech at the launch ceremony. “As a tech company that has gone through the era of web 1.0 and mobile internet, and now the era of AI and IoT, we have spotted the transition of market demands from simply integrating data into existing business processes to building a more intelligent and flexible capability to adapt to new business scenarios with the help of data. Airsavvi is designed to help build that capability.”

Backed by the data expertise that VariFlight has accumulated over the past decade and over USD 10 million of further investment in R&D of algorithms and computing power, Airsavvi has every confidence to become a leader of travel data intelligence.

Boosting Efficiencies and Reducing Costs for Global Partners

Trusted by over 1,000 partners from airlines, airports, travel technology companies, travel management companies (TMC), governments, NGOs, banks, leasing companies, insurers, logistics, and transportation companies, VariFlight’s data business, now called Airsavvi, has been serving them with data that can easily integrated into their businesses.

“Airsavvi, the upgraded brand, will continue to explore cutting-edge AI technology and its applications in travel,” explained CTO of Airsavvi. “As an independent business, Airsavvi will be more focused on boosting efficiencies and reducing costs for our global partners in the wide travel and transportation industry.”

The event also celebrated the signing of partnership between Airsavvi and its launch customer, India’s largest online travel group, MakeMyTrip and Goibibo.

Speaking of the cooperation, Mr. Sharath from MakeMyTrip said: “With the help of outstanding data solutions by Airsavvi, we’ll be able to provide more streamlined services for travelers on our platforms.”

The launch of Airsavvi was witnessed by delegates from Singapore government, the industry, and its partners, including IATA, Ctrip, Expedia, Avis, eDreams Odigeo, Yearth Group,, OAG Aviation, etc.

Forward-looking Intelligent Data Services

The new brand will provide a portfolio of newly upgraded services including:

  • Aviation data and insight products: Live flight tracking of 170,000 daily flights based on a global ADS-B network, Flight Happiness Index (FHI) providing rich content amenity data for 90% of global passenger aircraft, flight status service for 94% global flights, the visualized global air route map, and in-depth aviation data analytic tools for historical and future on-time performance, capacity, and other customized contents.
  • AI-powered travel data solutions: Intelligent recommendation for multimode transport connection (iMTC), alert and recommendation for rescheduling in cases of travel disruptions (ARTD), transportation capacity monitoring and forecasting (TCMF).

Source: VariFlight