3 Ways Advertising on Facebook Can Increase Your Customer Retention


The rise of social media made it much easier for brands to build and maintain relationships with customers. With about 79% of the US population being on Facebook, advertising on this platform can effectively expose your brand to a variety of audiences. But, before diving right into advertising, it’s important to properly define your target audience. If you’ve been wondering how to increase customer loyalty and retention for your business, take some time to read through these tips.

  1. Facebook Dynamic Advertisements. With Facebook Dynamic Ads, your products and services can automatically be promoted to those who show interest in your brand. Many of these people are already your customers, whether they were on your site yesterday or have been inactive for a while. When you put out a dynamic ad, you can retarget those individuals who have been to your website or use it to target an audience who may not have been exposed to your content before. Dynamic ads follow customers from device to device, exposing individuals to the ad a number of times. Striking an individual’s interest through dynamic ads is a great way to keep customer retention since it drives current customers to become repeat customers, while also engaging new potential customers in the process.
  2. Creative Strategies. It’s important to make sure that your advertisements are creative enough to stand out from the rest. Creative advertisements make the customer feel inclined to check out what it is that you are promoting. To keep the attention of your customers you can expand your ad types and take advantage of instant articles, suggested videos, and Facebook stories. However, like anything else, it’s important to stick to a strategy. Strategizing is very important, one of the many things that Carola Jain, CMO at Spartan, oversees daily. If your strategies are consistent and creative, your customers will continue to come back for more updates.
  3. Engagement Is Key. Customer engagement is constantly evolving and allows brands to establish relationships with current and potential customers. Engagement not only reminds customers of the brands’ overall values, but also keeps customers captivated in what the brand will be doing next. Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan, understands that regular engagement helps brands appear authentic and keeps them connected with customers on a more personal level. Customers appreciate instant responses, so don’t leave them hanging! Answer your Facebook comments in a fun, yet professional and informative way to keep them coming back for more.

Facebook provides numerous ways for brands to advertise and grow their following. Take these three points into consideration the next time you’re looking to increase customer retention on Facebook.

Source: fishbat