PVR NEST and Deakin University team up to launch ‘You for Youth’ initiative

You For Youth

PVR NEST, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of PVR Limited, and Deakin University, one of the most progressive international education providers, have jointly launched the ‘You for Youth’ – a digital campaign initiative – a campaign aimed at advocating the need for focussing on certain Sustainable Development Goals towards a safer future for the Youth. 

As partners, both Deakin University and PVR NEST believe in the immense potential of the youth in India. The launch of the ‘You For Youth’ digital campaign initiative took place virtually in the presence of Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi, Mr Shekhar Gupta, Editor in Chief, The Print along with other eminent speakers from both PVR NEST and Deakin University, Australia. The webinar launch was a success as over 450 people registered for participation in the same.

Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi said, “You for Youth initiative is a step in the right direction where the youth will be motivated to not only think about themselves but also for their community and country. This initiative will connect the youth to the greater good of the country and I want young people to question what, why and how of things and share critical ideas that will help shape a better future for Delhi and India.” He also mentioned about the recently launched Business Blasters initiative which aims at developing youth entrepreneurs at the school itself.

“In today’s age of social media, I think everyone is a journalist communicating stories to bring out social issues and make an impact in the society in some way or the other. I think it is of vital importance that we make effective use of social media to provide people with relevant information and spark some necessary conversations in society. Of course, I am doing my bit right now and will continue to do so through the stories I tell but I think achieving a safer and a better world requires a collective effort which can be accelerated with youth participation,” remarked Mr Shekhar Gupta, renowned journalist and author.

In recent years, the world has witnessed young people using social media to raise awareness and encourage everybody to come forward and contribute to various social causes. The campaign launch video featured many young students working towards creating a difference including working towards gender parity, making organic vegetables accessible, helping earthquake victims and more.

Mr Kean Selway, Chief Operating Officer at Deakin University, shared, “From my experience interacting with hundreds and thousands of students over the years, I have seen first-hand that when young people raise their voices, amazing things can happen! You for Youth is a great initiative to collectivise the power that resides in the minds of the younger generation and have a dialogue that will expedite our journey towards a better future.”

“Young activists around the world have influenced social and environmental issues. I believe there are many more innovative ideas in the minds of the youth of today waiting to be shared with the world and we aim to provide a platform to amplify them through this initiative,” remarked Ms Ravneet Pawha, Deputy Vice President (Global) and Chief Executive Officer (South Asia), Deakin University.

As a part of the initiative, students and young professionals were invited to share their ideas on the key areas of environmental consciousness, diversity and inclusion, mental health wellbeing and Build Back Better (BBB): a sustainable and resilient recovery from the pandemic.

“As of now, youth participation in decision making is very low around the world. I strongly believe that it should be increased youth participation as only then the youth will be able to share their ideas with the world and bring about a change in the society and get engaged in decisions affecting their lives and communities,” shared Ms Nayana Bijli, Founder of Rani Fund, the philanthropic entity of PVR Ltd.

“As PVR NEST works in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 which envisions safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable cities for all, we believe that this goal cannot be achieved without active youth participation. It is essential that we recognize their potential and give them a platform where they can continue to raise their voices and contribute towards a safer world,” commented Ms Deepa Menon, Founder Head of PVR Nest.

People aged 18 to 35 can use video, text, or image to share their views and ideas on their social media handles using the hashtag #YouForYouth and tagging @deakinsouthasia and @pvrnest. Through a process; best, innovative, and convincing ideas will be shortlisted and awarded with certifications & skill development through masterclasses, workshops, and mentorship programs.

Deakin University plays a vital role by supporting and promoting the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals and by providing educational opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

PVR NEST’s core philosophy is to develop and promote public-private partnerships that work on urban sustainability issues and to create a safe environment for all sections of society. The trust believes in educating, empowering, and building a collaborative society by extending ongoing support to the vulnerable sections of the society via its various programs.

For more information about the initiative, please write an email to pvrnestteam@pvrnest.org