How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Website Or Blog

Follow these simple tips and tricks to get your website approved for Google monetization program called AdSense through which you can earn money from your website or blog by displaying ads.
  1. Create blog in any one of your interest areas or niche or a tool based website that provides a user utility.
  2. Add basic pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions and or Disclaimer, Privacy Policy. Make sure all these pages are up to date and published. In the contact page you can mention a simple contact form/e-mail/address/mobile number.
  3. Create 10-15 original writing work of yours. You can also use AI writing tool for help. Check this tool Don’t use this a complete copy paste. Just use it as an additional help for your writing.
  4. Avoid using copyrighted images/videos on your articles and if there’s one ensure it’s author has given permission to reuse as per mentioned terms and conditions given by the respective author.
  5. Ensure smooth and hassle free navigation by defining menus.
  6. if you are using WordPress, get a good theme like for example, our website Techdash uses Newspaper theme.

Keep watching this space for more updates, tips & tricks.