How to Change Partition Volume in Windows 7 via Free Partition Manager?

Partition on the computer is used to store digital data. Partition is also the part of disk, because it can’t be used directly. Users must divide one hard disk into several of areas, which are called partitions. Common partitions are system partition(usually is C drive) and file partitions. Sometimes, people are not satisfied with the first and unreasonable disk space allocation. In order to solve such question, we need to change partition size. Windows 7 has most users in the world, so we take it has example in this article.

Although Windows 7 has built-in Disk Management, a free partition program, absolutely, not everyone know it and it has many limitations. For example, when you want to increase the volume of C partition, you can only work unless the unallocated space next to it and just on the right side. Otherwise, you have nothing to do. On the contrary, third-partypartition software can fix it easily, no matter in which situations. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free partition manager to provide methods to help you change partition size easily, including shrinking or extending partition.

Before using AOMEI Partition Assistant to resize partition, you should check the target partitions you want to change size and make sure there’s no error or bad sectors. Luckily, AOMEI Partition Assistant as an full-scale partition tool has check functions. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant, you can see all your disks and partitions information as displayed on the interface. Select the partition you plan to change the size, partition j:, right click it and choose Resize Partition.

How to Change Partition Volume in Windows 7 via Free Partition Manager?

In the pop-up window, you can drag the mouse to move the arrow or input specific value to change the size as you wish. Click OK will back to main interface, and you will preview the changes before committing.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free partition manager

What’s more, AOMEI Partition Assistant has Extend Partition Wizard(you can find it from the left Wizard panel) to let you expand partition simple, especially for solving the low disk space problem. With wizard, step by step to extend system partition is so easy and won’t cause data loss. Other ways to change the size of partition are merge partitions or split partitions, etc. Hope you could try AOMEI Partition Assistant’s multiple and powerful features by yourself. You are able to quick partition after reinstalling the system too.

This software could be installed on Windows 10, Windows XP too. Another free edition AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite supports Windows Server operating system. There are also advanced editions of partition software for technicians. All in all, AOMEI Partition Assistant is designed to optimize the system and protect data conveniently. We think it is a necessary system utility for Windows users.