Foxit Software Launches Major Upgrade to Web-Based PDF SDK to Speed Up Web Application Development Times and Dramatically Increase Web PDF Performance


Foxit’s PDF SDK for Web 7.0 Offers Industry’s Highest Web Performance, Along with Other New Features to Improve User Experiences

Foxit Software, a leading provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions, today announced Foxit PDF SDK for Web 7.0, a major new release that dramatically boosts PDF rendering performance for web applications, speeds up and simplifies development, and provides a variety of new features, including touchscreen capability, to improve end-user experiences.

PDF SDK for Web 7.0 offers a built-in viewer and UI that allows developers to integrate a fully featured and customizable PDF viewer within minutes. Developers can easily pick and choose the functionality they want, making it ideal for web applications that require a UI that meets specific user requirements and reflects a company’s branding.

PDF SDK for Web 7.0 is now part of Foxit’s single-core API, allowing developers to create applications in JavaScript in the same way they use Foxit’s desktop and mobile SDKs. Developers can utilize editing functions to manipulate PDFs, sign forms, add annotations and other powerful features without requiring additional PDF SDKs.

The new SDK also provides the highest performance of any PDF web development kit on the market.

“When it comes to rendering speed, image loading times, dealing with languages, annotations and a variety of other features, Foxit PDF SDK for Web 7.0 offers the best performance in the industry,” said Susana De Abrew, President of the Foxit SDK Business Unit. “We tested it against competitors and previous versions of our web SDK, and it outperformed the others in 86 percent of the cases.”

Touchscreen Functionality
The new PDF for web SDK also provides touchscreen capabilities. Users can now navigate files, make annotations, sign, zoom, pan and more using a stylus or their finger, offering better accessibility for touchscreen users.

The upgraded SDK continues to offer rich backend functionality, document workflows, the capacity to pull data from forms into databases and much more.

SOURCE: Foxit Software