eMudhra enters Latin America to curb diploma fraud with its flagship product emSigner


eMudhra, a market leader in digital identity and transaction management solutions today announced its entry to Latin America in the education sector with its flagship Paperless Office Solution – emSigner. The entry caters to curb diploma fraud and completely digitize the diploma issuance process. With this entry, eMudhra has partnered with Diplogrados Ltda, the leading diploma preparation and printing provider in the region to target over 100 universities in Colombia and surrounding countries. Diplogrados Ltda, prints about 200,000+ diplomas for universities each semester in addition to other documents.

Currently, eMudhra is providing emSigner to one of the largest private sector universities in the region with a strength of 13,000 students and the idea is to issue diplomas to all of them. To meet this requirement, eMudhra has customized its emSigner to the new market, making it available in Spanish with specific technologies built as an add-on to the original platform to minimize diploma frauds in the region. This add-on focuses on using PKI technology to generate PKI-driven barcodes which are placed on documents and can enable online/offline validation of authenticity of Diploma and its content.

On this expansion, Mr. Arvind Srinivasan, Head of Global Markets, eMudhra Ltd said, “We are in a phase of growth where we are focusing largely on two areas, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity. Hence we are looking at addressing the need to develop solutions around Document Fraud Mitigation. With our secure paperless transformation solution, emSigner, today we are offering e-diplomas to address the key issue of diploma frauds. We spotted a market for this kind of solution in education sector, especially in the LATAM region so we decided to focus on the Education Sector and help educational institutes minimize diploma frauds and 100% digitize the diploma issuance and authentication process.”

Mr V Srinivasan, Founder Chairman, eMudhra Ltd said, “Our entry in LATAM region marks a significant milestone in terms of progress in driving the agenda of digital transformation beyond India. We aim to work with various global governments and educational institutions for issuing e-diplomas and contribute towards minimizing these frauds in regions outside of LATAM, including India.”,

emSigner is one of the most successful products of eMudhra across regions. It is a work flow automation tool that aims to reduce the need for having paper in an office. Developed to eliminate paper cost across all verticals, eMudhra’s emSigner has helped organizations reduce cost upto 80%. It is verticalized for department specific workflows with the flexibility to allow users to define custom workflows and processes depending on their need.  Being a certifying body themselves, eMudhra’s emSigner uses digital signatures that are legally valid under the Information Technology Act, 2000, India.  The platform however, facilitates usage of multiple types of digital signatures from various issuing authorities globally.

Key highlights:

emSigner is offered to the Universities in two formats:

  1. On-Premise
  2. On-Cloud

All through DiplogradosLtda in Colombia.

  • emSigner can process 5000 diplomas in 30 minutes
  • emSigner has been customized as per the market and made available in Spanish
  • emSigner is used by a leading university in Colombia to issue eDiplomas to over 13000 students
  • eMudhra partners with DiplogradosLtda, the leading diploma preparation and printing provider in the region
  • DiplogradosLtda, prints about 200,000+ diplomas each semester