Cairn’s E-Kaksha initiative wins Smart Education award by FICCI

  • FICCI organised the 3rd edition of FICCI Smart Urban Innovation Awards 2022 on 29th April and Cairn emerged as the winner in the ‘Smart Education’ category for its unique E-Kaksha initiative
  • The programme to provide free digital education to students from standards 6-12 has benefitted over 87 lakh students from 66,221 government secondary schools across 33 districts of Rajasthan
  • It aims to provide no cost quality and accessible education. The programme utilises digital methods to inculcate learning in children

Cairn Oil & Gas has won an award in the ‘Smart Education’ category for its digital education project E-Kaksha at the 3rd edition of the FICCI Smart Urban Innovations Awards. Developed under a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding signed by Cairn, Department of Education, and Mission Gyan, E-Kaksha endeavours to impart free and good quality digital education to students from grade 6 to 12 across Rajasthan under the Board of Secondary Education of Rajasthan (RBSE) and the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) across the country.

The FICCI Smart Urban Innovations Awards organized its 3rd edition on April 29, 2022. The event aimed to emphasise the technological advancements and innovations that Indian cities can explore while emphasising the challenges faced by them and the importance of futuristic planning in urban India. The event also endeavoured to boost the existing startup ecosystem in the country.

Receiving the award, Prachur Sah, Deputy CEO, Cairn Oil & Gas said, “E-Kaksha is testimony to our never-ending commitment to giving back to the community. E-Kaksha has been a boon for students affected by the pandemic and addresses traditional challenges to education, by bridging the gap digitally. We have managed to turn a challenge into an opportunity. The initiative plays a critical role as education firms the society at its roots. We are proud of the people who worked on this project and thank the students who trusted us with something as precious as their education.”

Project E-Kaksha aims to overcome traditional challenges of the poor pupil to teacher ratio, lack of complete knowledge among teachers, low affordability of higher education, and outdated teaching methodologies in institutions. Moreover, its YouTube channel has attracted 11 crore viewers and 7 lakh daily subscribers, adding to the credibility of the programme. From English and Social Sciences to Math and Science, over 9,000 videos have been uploaded for the Rajasthan State Board.

E-Kaksha is a shining example of Cairn’s dynamic approach to ensuring community well-being that can be seen in its operations and CSR initiatives in Rajasthan. Along with developing alternate arrangements for freshwater requirements, developing a floral biodiversity park, and revitalising traditional waterbodies – Cairn has also contributed extensively to the sectors of education and skilling. The E-Kaksha and online vocational training through Cairn Enterprise Centre in Barmer have further supported government initiatives during the pandemic. Over the years, Cairn’s positive initiatives have brought visible transformation in the areas of its operations and this FICCI Smart Urban Innovations Award will further encourage the company in strengthening its social outreach.

Cairn’s CSR initiatives continue to support the lives of people around our operations, impacting over 6 crore people directly and indirectly. Cairn has supported government initiatives through its Dairy Development Project, Project Barmer Unnati on horticulture, Project Jeevan Amrit on water, Project NandGhar, Mobile Health Vans and support to PHCs and infrastructure development in its areas of operation. Cairn has planted 279 acres of mangroves along the coasts of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. In Rajasthan’s arid Thar, a floral biodiversity park hosting over 100 species now dots the landscape of Barmer’s Mangala Processing Terminal while a 1531-acre green belt of indigenous trees like Khejri, Kumta, Neem has also been developed. Similarly, Cairn has worked towards revitalizing traditional structures to collect and harvest rainwater, and conducted de-siltation of traditional nadis in the arid rural areas of Thar desert. Cairn continues to work towards the betterment of its communities through such programmes. Over the years, Cairn’s positive initiatives have brought visible transformation in the areas of its operations.