Avanti Finance and the Reserve Bank of India’s Innovation Hub Partner on Swanari TechSprint to Advance Digital Financial Inclusion for Women in India

TechSprint launched to create digital solutions to bridge the gender gap


Avanti Finance, is proud to be associated with RBIH, Reserve Bank of India Innovation Hub as a scaleup partner for Swanari (स्व-नारी) TechSprint. The TechSprint is aimed at advancing digital financial inclusion for women in India. The Inaugural Swanari (स्व-नारी) TechSprint in India will connect fintechs, financial service providers, innovators and subject matter experts to collaborate, ideate and solve specific problems and code prototype solutions in real time. Swanari is Swanirbhar Nari meaning Self Reliant Lady. An RBIH white paper entitled Gender and Finance in India supporting the program is also now available at www.swanaritechsprint.in

RBIH is hosting the Swanari TechSprint 18-22 April 2022 to create and produce smart, creative and sustainable solutions for underserved, low- and middle-income (LMI) women, and women-owned enterprises in India. Seven problem statements have been identified and two event tracks are available for Indian nationals and start-ups looking to participate. Registration is now open for local participants and volunteers, as well as non-local observers to join the inspiration community, at swanaritechsprint.in.

Stressing the need for financial literacy among women Mr. Rahul Gupta, CEO of Avanti Finance said, “Avanti recognises that sustained impact in low-income households is achieved through the economic empowerment of women and currently, more than 75% of Avanti users are women. We also recognise the need to reduce the gender digital divide that will enable more equitable access to financial services and beyond. We are delighted to collaborate with RBIH in this mission and support emerging fintech solutions to ensure the best outcomes for women”