123RF.com extends premium EVO Collection with highly relevant, high-quality images at sensible prices


(Hong Kong, 20 June 2017) – 123RF.com, one of the world’s largest royalty-free digital
stock agency, has extended its luxury EVO Collection of authentic high-end imagery to help
businesses and creative individuals communicate more effectively in the digital age. With
one-stop access to new EVO images alongside millions of regular high-quality microstock
images at 123RF.com, creatives can now fulfil all their premium and microstock imagery
needs in one location.

Offering a curated collection of distinctive images of the highest technical quality, EVO
Collection is designed for art directors, designers, authors, editors, bloggers and other
creatives who want their work to stand out from the crowd. Clients choose from a constantly
refreshed selection of rare images and yet pay only a small premium for those they use.
The new collection focuses on images relating to popular subjects and themes. It also has a
new five-tier pricing structure to accommodate a range of high-end images, including those
of the highest quality and exclusivity.

“EVO is a brand new luxury collection of authentic imagery by specially selected agencies
and talented contributors from around the world. The EVO label represents imagery that is
highly relevant to the needs of creatives in today’s dynamic design landscape, and yet that
doesn’t come with an exorbitant licensing fee. With EVO on 123RF.com, we are bringing the
best of premium and microstock content under one roof,” said Andy Sitt, founder and
executive chairman of 123RF.com and Inmagine Group.

123RF is very selective in the imagery it accepts for the EVO Collection. Contribution is by
invitation only, with contributors chosen for their consistently impressive work. Individual
submissions are vetted through a stringent multi-level approvals process to ensure their
quality and relevancy. Only 500 to 1,000 images are accepted each day.

EVO images are included among the basic 123RF.com search results, and identified by a
small EVO logo below the image thumbnail. Clients use advanced search filters to search
exclusively from the EVO Collection, or to exclude it. They also have access to the Pixlr
family of digital editing tools, the Corporate Plus software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital asset
management system, and 123RF’s growing suite of mobile apps, plug-ins and add-ons to
streamline their workflow.

Available for download with pre-purchased credits only, EVO images are organized in five
price tiers: Silver (5 to 20 credits), Gold (10 to 40 credits), Titanium (20 to 80 credits),
Platinum (40 to 160 credits) and Rhodium (120 to 480 credits).
For details, please go to https://www.123rf.com/evo/