Xpirit and Solidify Hosted the First Edition of Global DevOps Bootcamp Successfully


Xpirit, Xebia’s Microsoft Consultancy expert, and Solidify came together to create a remarkable event on 17th June, 2017 – the first ever Global DevOps Bootcamp held in 30 venues across 19 countries. What started off as a casual discussion and a mere idea, became a full-blown success story.

The bootcamp was the brainchild of experts like Marcel de Vries, Rene van Osnabrugge, Mathias Olausson and Jasper Gilhuis. This Microsoft-sponsored event saw an outstanding participation of 1,500 attendees and it commenced with a keynote address by Donovan Brown.

The theme of the first edition of Global Bootcamp was ‘From Server to Serverless in DevOps World’. The purpose of this one-day free event was to bring together communities and people around the globe, who are passionate about learning DevOps on Microsoft Stack, create awareness about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, provide insights into Serverless and impart an understanding of Virtual Team Studio Services, Azure. The content was consistent throughout all the venues.

The amazing team of MVPs (Microsoft Valued Professional) and community leaders made the whole event exciting and illuminating. People were engaged in Hackathons, assignments and played with the latest Microsoft technologies. They could openly discuss their thoughts, ask queries, interact and share their experiences.

The first edition was well-received and generated a massive interest so much so that people are looking forward to participating in Global DevOps Bootcamp’s second edition. Such bootcamp’s are not just necessary for learning, it is crucially important that technologists, technology enthusiasts and business stakeholders know how fast the world is evolving in terms of technology, how organizations can quickly transform and transition by adopting better methodologies and employing best practices. Most importantly, such platforms teach you the collaborative way of working, clear communication, and how to embrace the cultural change in one’s organization as a leader.


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