WhatsApp Future Updations: Swipe to Reply for Android and Dark Mode


The popular chat app is working on two new features for both Android and iOS users. According to a report, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is working on Swipe to Reply feature which already exists for iOS users. With the new update, the feature will also be available for the Android users. Second is the Dark Mode feature which is under works for both Android and iOS users.

Swipe to Reply

Reportedly, the chat app has recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 2.18.282 version. As per the report, the Swipe to Reply feature is part of the new update but has not been added to the update yet. As per the report, WhatsApp needs to make some changes to the feature before it is rolled out to Android users. The feature has been on iOS for nearly a year now.

The Swipe to Reply feature lets you rely to a message faster than the traditional way of replying. It allows you to quickly respond to a message using a gesture. Swipe a message sideways and you will see an empty reply text box. Let’s hope it comes soon to the Android users as it has been on iOS for quite a long time.

WhatsApp recently introduced an alternative on the Android by long pressing the message and start typing to reply but Swipe feature is going to be faster. There is no exact date on when the feature rolls out but it is expected to come soon.
Additionally, the 2.18.282 version of WhatsApp will also receive the expandable group participants list where in WhatsApp will show a More button in the group participants list if there are more than members in the group.

Dark Mode

This is another top feature coming soon on WhatsApp. We are busy in our lives and sometimes bed time is the only free time we get to go through all the family group messages that we received in the whole day. Reading WhatsApp messages in the dark can be straining for our eyes which is why WhatsApp is working on a Dark Mode feature. The feature is already available on some of the popular apps like the Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram.

A WaBetaInfo report has confirmed that WhatsApp is finally working on a Dark Mode. Also, the feature is expected to be full OLED friendly for Android phones, iPhone X and newer phones.


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