TurningIdeas Launches Enterprise Innovation Program to Accelerate Startup Growth

TurningIdeas Launches Enterprise Innovation Program to Accelerate Startup Growth
TurningIdeas Ventures

TurningIdeas Ventures today announced the official launch of its India Enterprise Innovation Program, an innovation program that will serve as a platform for enterprises to collaborate with startups in India and globally, to drive innovation and develop new business models or services to solve their real business problems.

The Enterprise Innovation Program has been established at the TurningIdeas Incubator in Noida, where startups can partner and closely work with Enterprises with their disruptive technologies and solutions.

Speaking during the launch of the Innovation Program, TurningIdeas Chief Executive Officer, Ashish Mittal said, “We are an innovation led incubator, connecting enterprises and startups and facilitating trade and investment across our global footprint, including some of the fastest growing markets.”

TurningIdeas will focus on developing solutions in manufacturing, retail, distribution and fintech, to ensure we provide the best possible innovations to Enterprises of today and tomorrow. Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Mittal said, “Technological adoption has never been as fast as today, and many corporates have already suffered from not being able to keep up with the pace of change. Both enterprises and startups acknowledge that collaboration is key for future success, characterized by increasing complexity and blurring of industry borders. Startup-corporate collaboration certainly is no exception.”

This is the rule of the market where the fastest and smartest win. For startups, growth is everything to ensure they maintain both customers’ and investors’ interest. Startups are striving to address large customer bases. Corporates urgently need to develop the capabilities to collaborate efficiently and effectively. Corporates need to enable fast decision-making based on solid, but also agile processes.

The TurningIdeas Enterprise Innovation program is to generate value by emulating intrapreneurial, human centred and technology skills across the enterprises in India. The high digital adoption rate and vibrant startup ecosystem, coupled with our strong enterprises, make for an exciting landscape for enterprise co-creation, partnerships and innovation in India.

TurningIdeas has been helping startups in co-creating solutions and establishing new partnerships to improve enterprises experience and change how enterprises approach and think about Innovation.

TurningIdeas also announced it will be launching an open innovation platform for small and medium enterprises in India, to help them grow by providing access to a range of innovation business solutions from startups, to solve SME business challenges.

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