Top 5 tools to help SaaS founders supercharge their growth

Software-as-a-Solution has witnessed unprecedented growth over the years. The fact that SaaS tools and business apps are available in abundance is indeed a testimony of the same. Be it brands, start-ups, or SMEs, all kinds of businesses are promptly adopting the SaaS route. 

SaaS-based offerings eliminate the need of purchasing and integrating expensive solutions by offering products that can be easily accessed through the cloud or the internet. The SaaS-enabled businesses however are always on the lookout for solutions that could help them boost their growth. They are keen to embrace solutions that would help streamline their operations and improve their efficiency. Here are the top five picks that you can consider for your SaaS-based business.

  1. Billing and Accounting Manager- Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online Billing and Accounting software that  helps you manage finances, maintain GST compliance, automate business processes and collaborate across departments. From negotiating deals to processing sales orders and issuing invoices, Zoho Books handles the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on your business. Create a GST invoice, know your tax obligations, and file your tax return yourself. Zoho Books makes payments easy. From cash to checks, customers  always have the option to fit their needs. You can create and send custom invoices that reflect your brand while remaining compliant with government regulations.

  1. Payment Gateway – Razorpay

Razorpay is one of India’s most innovative and popular payment gateways. Founded by a group of IIT Roorkee graduates, the company is committed to making fund management for online businesses in India efficient and hassle-free. It is backed by Sequoia, Ribbit Capital, Tiger Global, Matrix, Y Combinator, and several other industry giants. The company provides merchants, e-commerce retailers, schools, and other businesses with a fast, secure, hassle-free, and affordable way to accept and pay digitally. The company supports a variety of online payment methods such as credit/debit cards, online banking, UPI, and other popular electronic wallets such as Paytm, Jiomoney, Airtel Money, Ola Money, and PayZapp.

  1. Subscription Based Financing – Recur Club

A silent revolution is taking place that pushes the need for innovative, fast, and reliable financing options. The requirement of financing options, traditional outdoor equity, and debt acceptance for SaaS companies are emerging at the forefront. Subscription-based finance providers like Recur Club help companies with recurring revenue raise funds without diluting by exchanging future subscription revenues for prepaid capital. This relative stability and maturity of recurring profit makes. It looks like a fixed-income investment profile for investors. This is especially suitable for SaaS companies and other subscription-based businesses that need funding for growth and customer acquisition. Recur club is the most valuable asset that can be used to increase capital and also increases the lifetime value of the customers. This is a great solution to control the flow of funds as it reduces the frequency of capital calls as well as the burden on the manager.

  1. Hiring- CutShort

Cutshort connects you with top-notch professionals who will meet your needs without the hustle and bustle of work platforms or social media. A powerful matchmaking algorithm, efficient gamification engine, and automation can boost your hiring performance. If you’re hiring a technician, we have built-in screening tests that will save your time and ease out the process of searching for the right talent. CutShort connects you at the right time with the right professionals who are genuinely interested in new career opportunities. This increases the number of responses by a factor of 5 and increases the chance of filling a vacancy by a factor of 10.

Other services like Gild and Belong are also available that rank job descriptions by collecting candidate profiles from the internet. They are passive talent search tools similar to searching for candidates on LinkedIn. 

  1. Employee Engagement: Xoxoday

Xoxoday is a technology company that creates the infrastructure for sending rewards, benefits, incentives, and payouts to employees, customers, and partners. It is a combination of a reward and incentive platform to democratize payments via branded currencies for all features within the enterprise. We want everyone with a growth hack that incorporates the principles of reciprocity to participate in the results. Xoxoday connects companies through a vast catalog of compensation to meet the demand for payments to employees, sales, channels, and consumers. On the supplier side, we deliver seamless, on-demand, real-time delivery of over 20,000 award options in more than 80 countries.