‘Smile and File’ Launches a Comprehensive GST Software


‘Smile and File’, the tax and other compliance division of Shalibhadra Finance Limited, a GST Suvidha Provider today announced the launch of their new comprehensive GST software. The BSE-listed NBFC (Non-banking Financial Services Company)  prides itself for the initiative that aims to be the best tax and other compliance service for the entire gamut of direct tax, indirect tax, company law, labour and other laws by providing workflow through software and IT-based solutions to empower enterprises with easier, faster and more profitable practice.

Smile and File offers end-to-end GST solutions to all sorts of organizations. From individual tax payers to corporates and large tax payers, from a native GST filing software to connectivity to GSTN servers for building large-scale applications; from GST consultants who provide services to tax payers to IT companies who develop technology solutions; Smile and File offers solutions for all.

Talking more about the GST software, “It has an easy and intuitive interface and empowers tax payers to file GST returns using the desktop utility. Data privacy is ensured as the tax payer retains the transactions on their own machines and don’t part like in other web-based solutions,” said Mr. Govind Keswani, Director of Smile and File.

The software is an easy-to-use suite for meeting compliances. It is a multi-user desktop application. It will ensure compliance and help input tax credits and tax payers claim their refunds. Some essential features of the software include: MS Excel Embedded, Data Import Facility, Multi-Company, Multi-GSTIN Accessibility, Multi-User Accessibility, Real-Time Ledgers, Reconciliation, HSN/SAC Code Search, Reports and Dashboards etc.

“Right from the beginning of development, our focus has been to develop a smart platform that offers ease, efficiency and accuracy at the same time. The conversion tools on the software enable tax payers to migrate the data from one format to another. Ready Excel templates can be filed by tax payers and the software intelligently validates the data and generates the GST compliant files to be uploaded on GSTN servers. The large tax payers can use the applications in a multi-user environment. User profiles can be created and roles can be assigned hierarchically on the software. The rich reporting dashboard, real-time ledgers, quick notifications make the platform even smarter,” said Mr. Keswani, in reference to the approach.

A normal taxable person has to file 3 GST returns for every month. Filing GST returns will be one of the most important business tasks. Timely filing of returns and payment of taxes shall also decide the GST compliance ratings of the tax payers. The GST compliance rating will have a huge bearing on how business will be conducted in India as large corporates will avoid business with vendors who have low ratings.

The desktop software application is provided free. For filing returns the tax payer may choose from attractive subscription packages, starting from Rs 1,750/-, depending on the turnover of the Group. Smile and File is running a special offer of 3 months extra subscription on an annual package. All the packages offered are without any restriction on the number of invoices or transactions to be uploaded or downloaded.


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