Simpl makes Buy Now more convenient with its easy Pay-in-3 option

Pay-in-3 allows consumers to buy with ease and pay later in 3 easy installments at no extra charge


Simpl, the market leader in 1-tap checkout, announced the Pay-in-3 option, the latest product addition to its pay later platform. $B!F(BPay-in-3$B!G(B is a unique offering from the Simpl product family, to benefit D2C brands and their loyal customers. It comes with a host of value-added features that enable spend management while combining transparency, speed, ease of use, and best of all, a smooth payment experience.

$B!H(BAt Simpl, our endeavour is to constantly improve the consumer experience. With Pay-in-3, consumers can conveniently split their current payments into 3 tranches, at no extra charges. We believe this option will help strengthen the trust factor between merchants and their end customers, enabled by intelligent machine learning decisioning at the backend,$B!I(B said Nitya Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, Simpl.

The distributed payments facility may be availed in an instant by loyal customers, as recommended by their respective D2C merchants. Immediate benefits to buyers include an interest-free credit period on their D2C purchases, with a well-balanced repayment option. D2C retailers that offer Pay-in-3 can benefit from better ties with their trusted customers and strengthen loyalty.

Enhancing transparency, convenience, and efficiency with Pay-in-3

Pay-in-3 has been developed on 3 key pillars: high payments transparency and superior speed of transactions, at scale. With product simplicity as a core tenet, there is no tedious paperwork; no lengthy forms that need to be filled; no need for any additional verification information and no hidden charge. And it$B!G(Bs a simple 3-step process:

  • Users can discover Simpl Pay-in-3 on various merchant platforms
  • Existing users can access Pay-in-3 on our merchant platforms
  • Eligible users can repay their credit purchases with select D2C merchants in 3 equated instalments

Simpl Pay-in-3 option is available on several leading retailers including Healthkart, Beast Nutrition, Villain, Paaduks, Pawfectlymade, Urbancart, Crossbeats, Flatheads, Athletive, Auravedic, Superkicks, Tupperware, Bums on the Saddle, Bluetokai Coffee, Headphone Zone and Zlade.