Safety from Corona is the topmost concern of Urban Commuters post-Lockdown – Yulu Survey


Yulu, India’s leading micro-mobility service provider, conducted a survey of 1500+ users randomly selected from its userbase of 2 Million in the 6 megacities of  India to identify their micro-mobility choices and commute pattern post-COVID-19 lockdown. The objective of the survey was to understand the concerns and the priorities of users’ in the post COVID era of social distancing, safety, and sanitization.

The survey shows interesting insights on how safety from coronavirus remains the topmost priority for everyone who is commuting. 

Safety from Corona is the topmost  concern of Urban Commuters post-Lockdown - Yulu Survey

Given the requirement of social distancing, solo ridership will be preferred to the group, and driver led shared mobility options. Clearly, when asked about users’ commute choices post-lockdown, the results revealed a considerable increase in people opting for personal vehicles, as opposed to group mobility and public transport.

  • Respondents opting for personal vehicles increased by 19.8%
  • Public transport saw a staggering drop of 24.6%
  • Cab-hailing/ auto rickshaws saw a drop of 8.6%
  • Preference for self-driven Shared Two-wheeler platforms remains almost similar to pre-Covid19 stage
Results as per a survey conducted by Yulu studying commute preferences of non-Yulu Users post-lockdown

Yulu has onboarded significant users in the past few weeks post lockdown3.0, which proves solo ridership is the most preferred choice of users. More than 50% of the respondents mentioned that the usage of the Yulu vehicles won’t be affected by COVID-19 pandemic; whereas 22% of users claimed that they would be using Yulu services more often.

Commenting on the same, Amit Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, YULU said, “As we transcend towards the new normal, it is interesting to note that there is a surge in the demand of solo and sanitized mobility solutions. We are witnessing a V shape recovery with 1.6X growth in the percentage of new users and a 50% increase in the distance, as well as usage time. He further added that citizens’ safety is Yulu’s topmost priority and we are following a tech-enabled sanitization process where our vehicles are sanitized several times in a day through a WHO-recommended sanitizer and the last sanitized timestamp is shown to our users on the app.”

Although a lot of behavioral changes were noted as the aftereffect of the global pandemic, Social Distancing likely to become the norm while people commute: In our recent survey, we asked commuters what they would avoid at all costs while commuting post-lockdown to understand their convenience.

Results as per a survey conducted by Yulu studying commute preferences post-lockdown

The survey results indicated 22% of the users preferred to rent a vehicle for the long-term and not share the vehicle to be extra safe and protected. Yulu has introduced a long term rental plan that lets the users rent the vehicle for a flexible time period up to 60 days. The long term rental enables the users to request a doorstep delivery, battery swap and also allows them to pick up any vehicle from the nearest Yulu Zones. 

“Private vehicles are not the solution. Shared Solo and sustainable mobility concludes Mr. Amit Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, YULU.