Reliance Jio launches new Diwali offer; full cashback on every Rs 399 recharge, store and use later


Reliance Jio launches new Diwali offer; full cashback on every Rs 399 recharge, store and use later

Reliance Jio has come up with a new Diwali offer for all its consumers. The company is offering 100 per cent cashback on every recharge of Rs 399. Users that already have an active data pack can also do this recharge for the next cycle.

The Diwali offer will be valid from October 12 to October 18. The company also claims to launch a new range of plans that will be effective from October 19. The offer is only valid for Jio Prime members.

Reliance Jio is also offering eight cashback vouchers of Rs 50 on the MyJio application which will be redeemable after November 15.

Reliance Jio is facing a stiff competition from Bharti Airtel as they launched their 4G smartphone at an effective price of Rs 1,399. However, to purchase the device the buyer will initially have to pay Rs 2,899. After 18 months of usage the user will be eligible for a Rs 500 refund. If the user continues to use the smartphone for another 18 months, they will get an additional refund of Rs 1,000, taking the total to Rs 1,500.

The user will also have to either recharge with a Rs 169 plan or the total amount of recharges in the first 18 months should sum up to Rs 3,000 to get a refund of Rs 500. If the buyer is able to pay another Rs 3,000 in recharges for the next 18 months they’ll also be eligible for the Rs 1,000 refund.

Reliance JioPhone on the other hand is offering a 4G feature phone at an effective price of Rs 0. The user will initially have to pay a sum of Rs 1,500 to get the device and then will be eligible for various refunds after the completion of the first year of usage.

Users that return their device within a period of one year will get no money in return. Buyers that return the device between the periods of 12 months to 24 months from the date of purchase will get Rs 500 in return. Users that return the device within a period of 24 to 36 months will receive Rs 1,000 in return and buyers that return it after completing all three years will get the entire sum of Rs 1,500.

Even to keep the device, the user will compulsorily have to keep recharging their balance on a monthly basis. Reliance Industries has even set a threshold of recharges worth Rs 1,500 per year or the company will repossess the device.

This new front of competition on the lines of cheap 4G phones is new to the Indian telecom industry. Other players like Idea-Vodafone and BSNL will be jumping on to this band wagon soon.


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