Rapido Launches India’s Most Comprehensive Care Program for Its Captains (Driver Partners)

Covers host of initiatives like financial support, medicines and insurance cover, vehicle provision and maintenance aid, etc. Aims to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the earnings of the driver partners


Post announcing the commencement of vaccination drives for its Captains last
month, Rapido, India’s Largest Bike Taxi Platform, today announced the launch of
#HelpForHelmetHeroes Program. Considered as one of the most comprehensive care program in the country, its main aim is to safeguard the physical, mental and economic health of over 1.5 million registered Captains and their family members from the impact of the pandemic.

The program is live PAN India where Rapido is present. It covers a host of initiatives like financial support, medicines and insurance cover, vehicle provision and maintenance aid, etc. that will give the Captains a chance to be more worry-free while operating on roads as well as keep them safe, as the country moves towards unlocking.

On the launch of the #HelpForHelmetHeroes Program, Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder, Rapido, said, “We believe our Captains are our biggest assets and protecting them from the challenges they face on road, is paramount to us. We are proud of the efforts that the Captains have put in throughout this pandemic for the safety of others, as true Helmet Heroes. We believe this program will help them protect themselves from any health risks and keep them safe, while also taking care of certain operational and maintenance costs to free them from worrying about the pandemic impact on their earnings. This is just the start of
the journey where we continue to work towards doing better for them every day.”

Initiatives under #HelpForHelmetHeroes Program will cover:

1. COVID Health Insurance: Currently, Rapido is offering COVID insurance for a sum of INR 2L & 3L, starting at just 117/-, not only for self but also as group insurance plans (+dependents) for Captains. The premium remains the same for Captains between the age group 18-60 years of age and has a wide coverage for hospitalizations. This way, Captains can be better prepared for emergency situations not only for themselves, but also their family, and not caught off-guard due to the current volatile situation.
2. Apollo Discount on Medicines: Captains will be able to avail discounted medicines (up to 10%) from Apollo Pharmacies. To avail the discounts on medicines, the Captains have to use a coupon code during their billing and avail the offer by showing their Rapido ID card at any of Apollo Pharmacies across India. The basic construct of the discount:
o 10% off on medicines (except DPCO – Drug Price Control Order drugs)
o 5% off on FMCG products – Fast moving consumer goods such as soaps, shampoo, etc.
o 15% off on Apollo products
3. COVID Loans: Working with an external partner, Rapido is providing COVID loans for Captains in need. With the current cash crunch for Captains, loans are a way of giving back to Captains who may be in need during these tough times and get-by until the situation gets better. The loan amount is up to INR 8,000 (limit depending on Captain's credit score) with a loan repayment period of 3-months at an interest rate of 1.5% per month.
4.Increase in the Cancellation Cap: Increasing the number of cancellations up to 5 from earlier 2, if the Captain is not comfortable taking ahead a ride
5. Electric Bikes on rent: Providing electric 2W bikes on rental to potential Captains who do not have vehicle of their own
6. Bike Repairs and Servicing: Provision of door-to-door servicing and repair options in partnership with Hoopy

Captains will have this information readily available on their Captain App and will be able to further look into available resources and FAQs to keep abreast on all information regarding the program. Understanding the importance of awareness through open communication, Rapido is leveraging their social media channels and other communication channels like Whatsapp, Mail, SMS, videos, etc. to further raise the awareness of the program and its benefits among its Captain community.

The company recently took a bold stance in a responsible marketing campaign, #ZarooriHaiKya?, asking its 15Mn registered customers to rethink and not book that ride that’s not important, to not ask a friend to deliver a frivolous item, to not call home services guys to fix a thing that users do not need at the moment, and order a delivery of an unnecessary item, thereby saving someone’s life, once the unlock takes effect.