PM Modi launches Bharat interface for money (BHIM) app as a part of Digital India initiative



31 December 2016: One major digital payment tool has been launched by the Hon. PM on 31st December 2016 – named ‘BHIM’ – which simplifies the digital financial transactions using mobiles. BHIM operates both with smart phones and with ordinary/feature phone.

The government’s mission is to ensure that as far as possible, digital modes of financial transactions are used by all. This they consider is the best bet to block generation of black-money in future.

The BHIM app is Bank in Mobile!

No need of a smart phone – it operates on any phone.
No need of internet – it operates on SMS.
Your mobile number becomes your payment address (PA)
Combines the convenience of doing all banking transactions even using
the ordinary phone, irrespective of the Bank where your account is held.

What do you need for BHIM to work?

 Have a bank account
 One mobile phone of any type – with SIM card
 Linking of mobile number with the bank account (to be done at
the branch level) – one mobile number links with only one

If you are having a smart phone, this is how it works

Download the BHIM app from the Google Play store:

1. Once the app is opened, you have to set PIN of your choice
2. Select the Bank (currently only 31 banks are linked)
3. You can send, receive and scan/pay using this app

If you are NOT having a smart phone, but only a feature phone,
this is how it works:

Step 1: Registration

 Dial *99#
 Select a language, the system shows all bank accounts linked to
the mobile number.
 Select account and confirm. The ID mobile@upi is automatically

Step 2: Set UPI PIN

 No UPI PIN is required for receiving money.
 Enter {last 6 numbers of the debit cards} {expiry date MMYY}
separated by single space.
 Enter the 4 digit UPI PIN and then re-enter.

Financial Transactions

 Dial *99#. It shows the following options
1. Send Money
2. Request Money
3. Check Balance
4. My Profile
5. Pending Requests
6. Transactions

Money can be sent using mobile number, Aadhaar number, IFSC &
Account number, MMID & Mobile Number, VPA (Virtual Payment
Address, e.g., mobile@upi) and following subsequent easy to
understand instruction.

Requesting Money

 Dial *99# and choose option “request money”.
 Enter mobile number from whom to receive money and follow
easy instructions till a confirmation is received.
Other functions
 By selecting other options of the first menu that is shown on
dialing *99#, the user can easily check the balance, respond to
pending requests, change the bank account (through my
profile), see all the transactions, reset the UPI PIN, etc.