Oracle Opens Doors to New Batch of Indian Startups


Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program calls for applications from technology startups for its new centers in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and for its third group in Bengaluru


Following the launch of the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program in Bengaluru and subsequent expansion into Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and other international markets, Oracle has successfully mentored and nurtured two batches of startups as part of this program in India. Today, at Oracle Code, Oracle announced calls for applications from early-stage technology startups to join this program in Bengaluru, Delhi/NCR and Mumbai. Registrations will be open from May 10, and the group will start in September 2017.

The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program provides startups with six months of training and mentorship, state-of-the-art technology, a co-working space, access to Oracle customers, partners and investors and free Oracle Cloud credits. Through this initiative, Oracle is looking to boost entrepreneurship, economic development and further the country’s digital agenda.

Unlike traditional accelerator programs, this is a next-generation acceleration initiative driven by Oracle R&D, and has a focus on reimagining enterprise innovation through true partnership with startups. The initiative targets medium-sized firms, including MSMEs (micro, small, medium enterprises) and startups, which encompass a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy, contributing more than 37 percent of India’s GDP.

Sanket Atal, Group Vice President of Development, Oracle India said “We believe startups are at the heart of innovation. Supporting and building an efficient ecosystem for them is critical. We’ve had the opportunity to nurture some great business ideas with the startups we’ve worked with in the first two batches. As we continue to promote cloud innovation, we also involve Oracle’s global product development teams to identify opportunities where we can foster co-development. This is an exciting time for us and we look forward to continuing our support toward India’s startup community.”

Benefits of associating with Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program include:

  • Over 125 hours of combined mentorship from Oracle and industry experts, which includes CTOs and CIOs of established startups and peer organisations
  • 24×7 access to a co-working space within Oracle’s premises, with Internet connectivity. The space also includes an activity centre, a café, and a creative, fun, healthy working environment
  • Access to Oracle’s vast ecosystem of customers and partners
  • Ongoing interactions and sessions with the investor community
  • Access to Oracle Cloud (including training), at no charge
  • After completing the six-month program, the startups that have leveraged Oracle Cloud for their business may be eligible to continue using it for an extended period

“As a data science and predictive analytics company, the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program has empowered us with cutting edge cloud technology to analyze massive amounts of data,” said Naveen Setia, co-founder Farebond, one of the startups currently part of the program.

“The technology support and mentorship we’ve received from Oracle has helped us refine our product architecture. Based on their suggestions on UI/UX, we have been able to improve our product quality by several notches,” said Sathya Narayana, Founder & CEO, Re#hash


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