Launches a Low-Cost IoT Network to Connect Power-Constrained Devices to the Internet Anywhere on Earth


Leveraging existing Bluetooth capabilities in billions of devices, the Nodle network is the most simple and affordable way to connect smart sensors, fitness trackers, and any other IoT device to the global web, a low energy, low-cost global network for IoT connectivity , launches 10TH July 2017 to provide connectivity for low power, Delay Tolerant IoT devices, such as tracking devices, air sensors, smartwatches and fitness trackers. This “crowd-sourced” connectivity network will provide an alternative revenue source for device makers, network operators and app designers without sacrificing user privacy.

According to Gartner Group, 8.4 billion connected “things” will be in use by 2017, a 33% increase from 2016.  All IoT devices need to send data to the internet in a reliable and affordable way. These devices require low power and high bandwidth, even for delay tolerant applications. Current solutions such as adding a 3G/4G sim card, makes IoT devices bulky.Using a LPWAN (low-power wide area network) like LORA or SIGFOX constrains available bandwidth. Nodle solves both these problems by using the installed-based of Bluetooth chips found in billions of IoT devices to create a massively scalable global network for IoT connectivity that adds no bulk to devices, uses minimal power, and accesses wide bandwidth.

A small-footprint software install that creates a virtual peer-to-peer network, Nodle enables IoT manufacturers to rent out their networking infrastructure globally for a fraction of what network capacity costs on other networks. “Currently there are billions of devices where 3G is neither cost nor energy effective,” said Micha Benoliel Founder of Nodle. “At Nodle we are already supporting billions of existing devices and working with carriers looking for IoT solutions to complement 3G/4G infrastructure.“ Because the Nodle network is software only, there is a huge CAPEX advantage compared to deploying hardware-dependent LORA or LTE-M networks, adds Benoliel.

Nodle has already partnered with several IoT manufacturers: in the motion alarm and tracking space with Stilla and Trackr, in the healthcare industry with LifeKit and with IoT platform enablers such as DevicePilot. “By partnering with we are improving the movement tracking of our Stilla devices using their network. Our users don’t need to be close to their Stilla to get alerted,” said Elin Elkehag, CEO and Founder MyStilla.

In the near future, Nodle believes that wearables will be untethered from smartphone connectivity and logistics tracking applications will all include on-board sensors. . Nodle aims to be the software that ties this all together, providing the connectivity layer for billions  of devices. According to Gartner research low-power, short-range networks will dominate wireless IoT connectivity through 2025. Connections over these networks will far outnumber connections using wide-area IoT networksIn regions where infrastructure is underdeveloped, such as South East Asia or India, less regulation and rising penetration of smartphones create opportunities for smart IoT innovation.  “We’re designing for a world where wearables will roam free throughout a city and always remain connected. Our physical world will evolve very quickly to where trees, packaging and clothing will all have disposable, AI-connected computers with built-in sensors,” said Benoliel, who believes this transformation  is only five years away and will have a profound influence on civilization.

It will also have a profound impact on how the Internet generates profits. For the past 20 years most of the revenues on the Internet have been generated through advertising models. Nodle provides new revenues for app makers without impacting users’ privacy. It’s a radical new way to pay for internet. “There are billions of smartphones, if we leverage even a tiny fraction to crowdsource IoT connectivity, we can connect tens of millions of IoT devices to the cloud.” said Garrett Kinsman from Nodle in India.

Nodle is now available for device makers, IoT manufacturers and app developers:



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