Measure The Impact of Mantras on The Brain With The Sadhana App

Measure the Impact of Mantras on Brain with Sadhana app

The Sadhana app will be demonstrating how mantra chanting helps calm the mind and body at an expo at the Pragati Maidan, Delhi, from 27th to 29th March.

“We want to show people that the teachings of the Vedic culture like mantra sadhana is relevant even in today’s day and age, and is backed by science,” shares the excited Priyanka Anand, CEO, Vedic Sadhana Foundation, the parent company of the Sadhana app.

In the pilot testing, the brain waves of the demonstrator were tested while they were talking and distracted as opposed to while they were focussed and chanting a mantra of their choice. All this was done in a crowded place. The results were instant and showed that the graph of the brain waves almost instantly went from being erratic to calmer.

This would be the quickest possible experiment ever done to show the potency and power of the ancient mantras. Just a few minutes of chanting of mantras can help gain immediate control over attention and emotions.

Vedic Sadhana Foundation will also be participating in a conference where they would be talking about the importance of technology in connecting people with spirituality. Using ‘tech for good’ will be the main agenda of the discussion especially for the youth.

“The endeavour of the Vedic Sadhana Foundation is to help the youth to identify with their roots and help them seek the rich Vedic heritage for answers through the Sadhana app than bend towards other stimulants for solutions. We want to address their mental health and reach out with help as much as possible,” shares Priyanka, concerned about the unrest and stressed youth.

Gen Z are the most positive and scientific, and are also more open and accepting of all the generations. But they are curious and have several questions on the puranas and their claims and stories. Vedic Sadhana Foundation is ready and most happy to help them in their search on the path of the Vedic and spiritual journey. Vedic Dharma is the most beautiful and flexible dharma and people need to understand that and see the beauty of it.

At an early age, Priyanka Anand moved overseas and felt she was uprooted from her ties to her culture and heritage. She explains that she went through a very confusing and restless time in the multi-cultural set up. On her spiritual quest for answers, her Guru and mentor Om Swami led the way forward. She hopes to help many of those who have lost their path and detoured from the beautiful Vedic culture to find their path.

The other panellists participating in the discussion will include, Vikram Shastry, CEO, Black Lotus Technologies, Founder, Uttarainfo Institute, Dr. Vani Sud Dhindsa, Director, Vedantu, Ashish Sahani, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (BME), IIT Ropar.