IntelliTek Health (a SmarTek21 Healthcare Subsidiary) and Samsung Electronics collaboration announcement

Samsung collaborates with IntelliTek Health to bring post-discharge patient services to the healthcare industry.


IntelliTek Health, a SmartTek21 LLC subsidiary and the developer of patient-facing virtual assistant tools, today announced it has entered into a collaboration with Samsung Electronics, a leader in mobile technology, to bring the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital voice assistance to healthcare providers and patients. IntelliTek Health’s Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA) is a (tablet-based) powerful AI solution that uses voice assistance to facilitate a hands-free automated engagement suite of functions for patients and care teams.

“The PVA is the leading technology to address post-discharge care for providers and patients. Every year, approximately 36 million discharges occur across the US healthcare system, with the majority of patients left alone to handle their care journey post-discharge,” said Martyn Molnar, Global Healthcare Lead and Products CEO. “Our collaboration with Samsung will help us address the significant health inequity in this space with Samsung Mobile Solutions and connectivity that offer simple, personalized medical communication and instruction between Patients and their Care teams in the critical window after leaving the hospital,” Molnar added.

“Samsung’s collaboration with IntelliTek Health reinforces our continued commitment to providing accurate Digital Touchpoint solutions, to support innovation in the Remote Patient Care Coordination segment. Our combined expertise and resources will allow us to develop meaningful solutions to advance patient outcomes, improve clinical workflows, and enable more efficient cost-effective Care,” said Trevor Smith, Head of Business Development – Samsung Healthcare Mobile B2B.

Samsung operates one of the most advanced medical centers in South Korea and applies that expertise in developing digital healthcare solutions that drive staff productivity and improve patient experience in hospitals, at home, and through virtual care. The Samsung platform empowers providers with innovative smart technologies through a connected ecosystem of secure mobile solutions that are easy to manage and transition seamlessly across clinical workflows. Enhance patient care, streamline critical communications, and raise the visibility of your brand with Samsung’s advanced digital healthcare solutions.