Indian Consumers Share Data but Expect Superior Brand Experiences, SAP Hybris Survey Reveals


SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced country-specific findings of its 2017 SAP Hybris Consumer Insights Report, highlighting what makes or breaks a customer relationship for Indian consumers. The survey of more than 7,000 consumers across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region – with 1,000 based in India – aims to better understand what customers look for when engaging with brands.

As consumers globally continue to take control over their experiences with brands, organizations are taking note. A Forrester survey of Indian business and technology decision-makers reported that 70 percent consider customer experience (CX) to be a high or critical priority for their companies1.

With this in mind, SAP Hybris set out to determine the sentiment of Indian consumers, arming global and local businesses with the insights needed to best cater to this audience. Survey results show that Indians are willing to share some information with brands – 92 percent of Indians compared to 82 percent of additional APAC respondents. More than half say they will provide their email address (68 percent) as well as their shopping history and preferences (56 percent).

At the same time, Indians have high expectations for brands, with 94 percent expecting a response within 24 hours of an inquiry and half wanting brands to surprise them, keeping the relationship alive. Additionally, 54 percent – the highest among APAC countries surveyed – expect brands to ensure consistent promotions both online and in-store.

“There are various factors that can establish customer loyalty or cause a break-up,” said Nicholas Kontopoulos, Vice President, Fast Growth Markets Marketing, SAP Hybris. “To best cater to customers and stay ahead of their demands, organizations must first and foremost understand their customers so they can engage them in a more personalized fashion.”

It is evident that Indian respondents are willing to share information, but expect their data is protected while enjoying a consistent, superior experience. Knowing what keeps customers engaged is important, but organizations should also recognize the top four reasons Indians break up with brands:

  • User data unknown – 74 percent
  • Unresponsive customer service – 73 percent
  • Spamming – 59 percent
  • Makes mistakes more than twice – 56 percent

To view the complete 2017 SAP Hybris Consumer Insights Survey Report and learn more about Indian consumers’ brand engagement preferences, please visit our website.


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