HUAWEI CLOUD Gains Ground in Global Markets through Cloud + AI + 5G + IoT


HUAWEI CLOUD adoption soars as enterprises seek a new class of connected and intelligent applications

HUAWEI CLOUD has announced a series of 2019 strategic investments to expand its global footprint in response to growing demand for its intelligent, secure and stable cloud platform. HUAWEI CLOUD is seeing strong adoption of its services, and today operates 23 cloud regions and 45 availability zones across Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America, empowering digital transformation for organizations globally.

Edward Deng, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Edward Deng, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, said: “The convergence of Cloud+AI+5G+IoT creates a dramatically new value proposition. We define this technology combination and its accompanying changes as the ‘New Confluence.’ This new fusion creates new experiences, applications, and industries, allowing all the things that were not good enough, impossible to realize, or unimaginable in the past to be realized, therefore delivering revolutionary social value.”

AI, 5G and IoT will converge through multi-architecture cloud services on HUAWEI CLOUD to propel the “New Confluence” and accelerate the intelligence transformation.

Delivering the AI Advantage to Asia Pacific Enterprises

To meet demand, in 2019, HUAWEI CLOUD deployed more availability zones, providing secure and reliable cloud services across Asia Pacific. Today in the region there are 7 availability zones, with local service teams in more than 10 countries to resolve customer issues quickly and easily.

In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD launched several new services that deliver game-changing AI capabilities to help Asia Pacific businesses drive efficiency, innovation and growth.

Since the beginning of 2019, in Asia Pacific HUAWEI CLOUD has seen increased adoption among enterprises in the internet, finance, telecommunications, transportation, and logistics sectors.

One customer benefitting from HUAWEI CLOUD is J&T Express, an express delivery company that provides services for more than 600 million users in seven countries in Southeast Asia. J&T Express leverages HUAWEI CLOUD’s global coverage to optimize its transnational IT architecture and deploy services on the cloud.

The World’s First Cloud Service Provider in Africa

HUAWEI CLOUD is now offering commercial services in South Africa. This makes Huawei the world’s first cloud service provider with an operational data center in Africa, with support currently provided across 12 African countries.

In the past six months, HUAWEI CLOUD’s users and partners have rapidly grown in Africa. Its customers include leading African enterprises, such as the following:

  • Kilimall, Africa’s local e-commerce platform, uses HUAWEI CLOUD to quickly scale resources and flexibly add new services based on fast-evolving customer demands.
  • Weshare, a leading Internet finance company, is benefitting from a two week service deployment that shortens the latency of access to the headquarters to less than 100 ms, enabling quicker financial services in Kenya.
  • Africawide, a consulting company in South Africa, for which HUAWEI CLOUD applied container technologies and built a global operations center to reduce TCO, improve customer experience, and enhance service flexibility.

Enabling Ambitious Businesses to Grow with Intelligence

In August, Huawei Cloud announced its Chile region opening, providing a full-stack cloud platform and a wide range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services for Latin America.

Scaling globally represents huge opportunities for these enterprises and is critical to the development of industries and economies. To enable this growth, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to expand its global presence to offer one-click access to a global infrastructure supported by local services, allowing a global reach while meeting local data requirements.