How to eliminate incoming spam: cPGuard Anti-Malware


We from cPGuard team have been trying our best to bring in more exciting features with each release. With the rapid development and solid team, we are able to fix bugs reported and stabilize the features and software in the best possible way.

1. cPGuard sRBL  :- As the part of our continued effort to reduce incoming email spams, we have introduced sRBL in cPGuard in version 1.77. This is  a very powerful feature which can work along with Exim and block almost 80-90% of incoming spam emails. Please read more about it HERE . If you have any feedback after enabling sRBL, kindly send it to our support department.

2. Improved cPanel Plugin :- With the added features, now the cPanel user can list all the threats detected by the auto-scanner under their account. This gives an idea about the application security for each account owners

3. cPanel Branding :- Are you shared host and want to give a files scanner to your customers? Use our cPanel plugin branding option and present yourself as  the best host into your customers. You can read more about it HERE

4. Improved WAF, Scanner Engine, Clean-up engine and so on….

cPGuard is the only software which brings you rich and unique feature list with minimum pricing. We do not compromise in quality and what helps to live with the minimal pricing is because of our clever management of operational costs. We hope to continue serving you and your company in  a much better way in future and hope to have a continued business in future as well.

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