Google Unveils Datally: An App to Save on Mobile Data


Google wants to help users save on their phone bills with its new app Datally.

The new app lets Android smartphone users better manage their data by understanding their usage by identifying data-sucking apps and helping them find public wifi.

In a blog post, the technology giant explained Datally allows users to see their hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage while providing personalized recommendations for how they can cut back and save.

Although users can already manually select which apps they want to be connected by data when they’re out of wifi range in their phone settings, Datally is giving users a bit more control.

The app’s Data Saver function lets users block background data usage and also track their usage in real-time. “It’s like a speedometer for your data,” the company writes. If a user notices one app is guzzling data, they can immediately switch off data for that app with a single tap.

Mobile data has become an essential service for people around the world, yet the cost of data can often be prohibitive for certain users, acting as a class gateway of sorts. Datally will also help users save data, informing them when they’re near public wifi.


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