Godrej Consumer Products Partners with InMobi to Pioneer Precision Marketing at Scale using Personalized Video Communications


Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) partners with InMobi to enhance its digital marketing capabilities and pioneer precision marketing at scale. At a time when COVID-related personal hygiene and safety loom large on consumer mindshare, GCPL leveraged the power of personalized video to break through a high-clutter environment and build brand salience for its home insecticide brands. The personalized online videos delivered a significant 22% higher ad recall for the Kala HIT brand and its significant role in the media mix helped the home insecticide category record a 15% growth in revenue during the last Fiscal Year.

“Being a low-involvement category, our home insecticide brands such as Good Knight and HIT had to consistently stay top of mind for consumers by emphasizing the necessity of maintaining an insect-free home, avoiding vector-borne infections, and not letting things slip by while fighting the corona virus,” explained Pankaj Singh Parihar, Vice President and Head of Digital Marketing and Transformation at GCPL. “However, due to the pandemic, there was a shift in the behavior of our core target audience of women – especially mothers – as they were switching to digital-first channels such as on-demand video, casual gaming, and other apps on their mobile. And they preferred to consume this content, if available, in their native language. This provided GCPL with a unique opportunity to identify and engage with connected consumers in an intelligent and personalized manner at scale.”

Videos on mobile devices have a 3x higher engagement than other formats. Keeping in mind India’s diverse culture and the multiple languages spoken, GCPL created vernacular video communication to attract the Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Malayalam speaking consumers. This meant that with 105 unique mobile-first video assets (7 brands, 3 unique videos per brand, and 5 languages), GCPL delivered over 90 million personalised videos to connected women consumers in India. These videos saw 2.5x higher engagement, 1.5x better completes, and a 50% boost in efficacy (compared to industry benchmarks). The brand then retargeted engaged audiences, nudging them to consider and ultimately purchase the product on interactive shoppable mobile experiences. As a result, over 10% of the audiences that were reached moved from top-of-the-funnel to conversion.

 Commenting on the collaboration with InMobi, Pankaj Singh Parihar said, “Over the past few years, GCPL has increasingly integrated digital capabilities into how it markets and engages with consumers. By combining our first-party data and InMobi’s comprehensive expertise on programmatic and consumer intelligence, we unlocked full-funnel efficiencies. Be it identifying custom audiences, engaging them with personalized communication on their primary devices, or capturing brand perception and preferences of category users, we have truly scaled our digital marketing objectives to success. Through this partnership with InMobi, we are building stronger and more meaningful consumer connections. As a result, we have not only seen an uplift in sales and ROI but also witnessed a transformational change in the way connected devices are truly making an impact in this world today.”

 “Over the years, InMobi has established itself as a global leader in the programmatic space. Translating GCPL’s brand objectives into business success was achieved with a well-planned approach and meticulous implementation. GCPL has successfully leveraged InMobi’s programmatic platforms – Exchange, Audiences, DSP, and Pulse – as part of its digital transformation strategy to pioneer precision marketing. It’s delightful to see the collaboration create the right impact in the minds of the consumer and help maximize ROI,” said Vasuta Agarwal, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at InMobi.