Getting workplace wellness right – Spinny’s Wellness initiatives for Employees Mental Health

A part of its continual agenda is a company-wide workshop on anxiety, come October 8


During a year of great instability, the far-reaching and devastating impact of COVID-19 propelled mental health issues into the spotlight after being majorly overlooked earlier. Mental health and wellness of employees has been a vital factor throughout and companies are taking a series of initiatives to keep their employees mental health on priority. Comprehending the gravity of the situation, full-stack used car retailing platform Spinny has been taking the initiative to promote awareness of mental health issues among employees, encouraging them to seek help when required while putting in place daily measures to optimise their mental health.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Sunday, 10 October, Spinny is organizing a one-hour mental health session for employees across India on 08 October, Friday, as a part of its continual efforts to help them overcome stress, rejuvenate their minds and alleviate their fears by seeking professional help. The 50-minute learning workshop reinforces Spinny’s commitment to its employees’ mental welfare and ensures that Squad Spinny and their extended families have access to group or individual sessions with mental health professionals. Through its partnership with Trijog – an organization specializing in mental healthcare and holistic wellness – Spinny organizes a series of webinars focusing on strengthening emotional immunity and providing one-to-one counselling sessions for every team member.

Niraj Singh, Founder & CEO – Spinny, stated:

‘’Every organisation should place an impetus on mental well-being and rectifying mental health-related issues. One must realise that the pandemic has been devastating for the world’s collective mental state of mind and it needs to be a collective responsibility for us to look out for each other.

Undeniably, the pandemic has triggered a greater degree of mental health issues in India by exacerbating economic problems and creating uncertainty. As we want every member of Squad Spinny to feel secure and seek help whenever required, we will be holding an interactive learning workshop on ‘Acing Anxiety, Adapting Flexibility’ to manage daily challenges. In the days ahead, we will continue to focus on anxiety issues through various other initiatives. As humans, we can deal with change but struggle with uncertainty. At Spinny, we take mental health concerns seriously, addressing them with compassion, honesty and transparency.”

Through the COVID-19 crisis, Spinny put in place initiatives that safeguard their employee’s mental, physical and economic health. A Central Support Helpline has been in operation for team members and their extended families to organise medical supplies’’ assistance such as oxygen cylinders, hospital bed availability, essential medicines, tiffin services and on-call doctor consultations. Besides facilitating the dissemination of verified leads and information to team members, this helpline has contributed to coordinating such services via the help of city-level local task force teams.

Spinny has ensured that its entire employee base of more than 3000 team members and their extended families are fully vaccinated through either the public or private route and had made financial provisions for the same.

In the ongoing pandemic’s worst phase, Spinny sanctioned up to 45 days of advance salary without prior approval, which was processed within six hours on the same day. Spinny, was amongst the first of Indian startups to put in place a model that could make work from home, really work. Even for staff members involved in field operations, Spinny ensured that they weren’t in a confined space and the business adapted to home test drives and deliveries.

Additionally, Spinny has maintained a Team Health Tracker with a complete database of every team member and their COVID history to keep track of those who may need support. It now plans to hold a refresher session for its current medical insurance policy. Provisions have been made for any employee to avail of leave at any point of time.