Security has become a top priority for mobile users, especially for those who use their devices for business purposes. With each iteration of Android, security improves. Such is the case with the Android 10 release, there’s an interesting feature that might please a number of users especially those serious about the security of their mobile devices.

The new feature is Randomized MAC addresses. What can a Randomized MAC address do? To put it simply, MAC address randomization can prevent a hacker from using a device’s MAC address to build a history of activity. By doing this, your device’s security and privacy increase.

Steps To Follow:

  • Head over to Settings.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi Network of your choice.
  • Click on the Small Arrow in the right.

  • Scroll Down and Tap on Privacy.
  • Change to “ Use Randomised Mac”.

  • Save the settings to start using the randomize MAC feature.

The randomized MAC address assignment should be set as the default for all wireless connections. If this isn’t the case, setting the option is but a tap away.

Currently, this feature is available on Redmi K20 Pro & limited Redmi as well as Mi devices with the latest updated MIUI based on Android 10.