Collaborates with Carryminati and Launches Fan Passes to Monetize Gaming on the Mobile e-sports Platform

ADVERTISEMENT, the world’s #1 mobile esports platform, with  approximately five million downloads in less than a year, announced a collaboration with  Asia’s #1 YouTuber and leading content creator CarryMinati a.k.a. Ajey Nagar. The  partnership executed on 10 June 2021 promotes a new range of product features that  enabled gaming content creators to monetise on the platform.

The collaboration underscores
game. tv’s commitment to enabling the rapidly growing gaming community of over 200,000 creators to monetise their offerings as club owners on the platform. CarryMinati, known for his distinct style of parody and roasting, will actively
engage with his followers and fans on the platform and serve as a critical touchpoint in
promoting esports among aspiring and professional gamers through his
fan club. hosts tournaments across hundreds of communities worldwide and over 300 top
game titles, including BattleGround India Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale
and Call of Duty Mobile. It has reached 28 million tournament registrations in the last six
months, hosting a tournament every 60 seconds across 17 countries. In recognition of the
need for a platform that puts an emerging community of gaming creators first. now
provides premium tools and services to produce, promote and monetise content ranging
from gameplay videos with gaming hacks to digital fan art.
also announced the launch of Fan Pass, which provides gamers access to premium
tournaments and exclusive content and offerings. Club owners can promote and distribute
fan passes to their followers and earn money. CarryMinati, a prominent creator, will
collaborate to allow passionate gamers and followers to unlock special features of Fan Pass
on his club.

Sohil Arora, CTO of, said, “We are delighted by the response we have received from esports creators across the world. The Fan Pass feature enables the players to earn income and indulge their passion for gaming. Endorsement by gaming masters like Carry Minati validates our vision.”

CarryMinati said, “Online gaming has reached cult status in India. is among some of
the leading esports forums in the globe. Its vision of supporting gaming creators like me would encourage the gaming community and open newer avenues for many talented players. I back opportunities that in turn support the gaming community at large, On the request of we have extended our onemonth association until 24 July 2021 as we are waiting for BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile India to launch in India officially,

Fan Pass will provide players with benefits such as access to exclusive tournaments
on, a chance to play with club owners and a special badge against the username in
the profile, chat and leader boards. In less than a month, 18 million game coins have been purchased to buy fan passes, and nearly 50,000 fan passes have been sold. CarryMinati’s fan
following has been the highest and continues to grow on