EmployBridge to Disrupt the Staffing Industry With Observe.AI Voice AI Platform


EmployBridge is the largest industrial staffing company in the U.S., with three decades of proven success. Its foundation is built upon unmatched industry expertise and specialized staffing delivery model, which provides its customers with temporary associates in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, contact centers, and more.

Observe.AI will enable the EmployBridge Call Center Leadership to:

  • Improve Quality Assurance (QA) efficiency and effectiveness by providing actionable insights on agents individually, in groups, or overall. The EmployBridge QA team with Observe.AI will capture 100% of calls to review as opposed to 1-2% manually done today.
  • Improve agent performance with actionable insights into onboarding, coaching, and feedback. High performing agents are critical to EmployBridge’s differentiation to create better customer experience for its clients.
  • Full understanding of insights and sentiment of applicants through the interview process leading to higher conversions and increased revenue.
  • Improve call center metrics like Agent Handle Time and Dead Air by 10%, resulting in approximately $100,000return on investment with every 15 seconds saved.

EmployBridge integrates Observe.AI with its contact center solution, Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, via Talkdesk AppConnect. As the world’s first enterprise app store, Talkdesk AppConnect unites best-in-breed software to redefine the way businesses integrate their call center platform, facilitating every step of the process, from discovery to purchase.

“We are excited to partner with Observe.AI to unlock insights into our Contact Center operations. These new insights will allow us to quickly create the optimal customer-facing support team delivering the highest level of service to our customers,” said Dale Sturgill, VP of Customer Operations

“At Observe.AI, we are excited about the impact we can create for EmployBridge and their customers. Being the largest industrial staffing firm in the country, EmployBridge puts a massive emphasis on how customer interactions are managed and with Observe.AI, there is 100% visibility to every voice interaction,” remarked Pete Lee, Global Head of Strategic Alliances at Observe.AI.

Source: Observe.AI