E-commerce Website and Mobile Applications Are the Need of the Hour and They Must Bank On – Doors Studio Helping Clients To Switch Online


These indeed are peculiar times, which you sometimes have heard from the older generation about our lifestyle, eating habits and especially our buying choices. Where your mom will still choose to go all the way to the market place physically, surfing through a shop to shop to find that perfect furniture or fresh vegetables, millennials are now taking a turn to their laptops and mobile phones when comes to such purchases. What can be a possible reason for this?

Puneet Vig, Founder – Doors Studio (Hillious Digital Solutions LLP) (PRNewsfoto/Hillious Digital Solutions LLP)

Authencity is rapidly increasing in the case of online portals. They are no more considered “shady” because of being heavily marketed on digital and print media, and even word of mouth. It solves other concerns like:

  • Easy to research: Because they are promoted online, the mere power of Google can take you to several options, reviews and types for a single item which you wish to buy.
  • No hassle from a public place POV: People can buy, research, compare and what not by sitting in their car, office, home and even washroom without waiting or sweating in hot weather or queues!
  • The whole world is your market: You buying capacity is no more confined to your own locality, city or even the country; the whole wild world is now a field for you to choose and buy things from.

The above stated are the reasons why many brands are now switching to either e-commerce websites or mobile applications so that they are more approachable to their consumers and can bank on this changing consumer behavior. Even the ones who don’t agree with this trend fundamentally, are switching to it from a business perspective.

While upgrading to e-commerce and mobile application, they also are switching to marketing their products as well online through social media marketing as most of the research is done there by the potential client because first, these platforms provide information as well as they visit & update on the same every day. This is a ground for them to target, influence and target.

But what is even more necessary is choosing an agency which understands the market and current technology. A right agency will help you launch your e-commerce keeping in the new developments both from the technological aspect but also a presentation of it.

Puneet Vig, founder of Doors Studio said, “It is a growing market in which brands must invest in for reaping long-lasting results, especially for one launching a product in the market! E-commerce and mobile applications are the need of the hour and they must bank on.”

Doors Studio is working intensively in this area providing solutions to such brands while making strategies for their online presence to have a solid standing for deriving more benefits from the same. They are going full ballistic in providing and educating the brands about the importance of e-commerce & mobile application in the current market.

Any intelligent brand or business should keep up in times like these so that they don’t become obsolete and grow irrelevant in the market and Doors tries to convey the same to their current and potential clientele. Staying updated with the changing times is a pill they should take consistently for a better future!