DXOMARK Introduces Wide and Night Evaluation for Smartphone Rear Cameras


DXOMARK announced the update of its mobile rear camera test protocol, adding wide-angle and night-shot evaluations on the 18th of September 2019.

The image quality engineers at www.dxomark.com have been testing and rating cameras since 2008 assigning each device a unique DXOMARK score based on objective lab tests and scientifically performed perceptual analysis.

This is the first major overhaul of the testing protocol since 2017, when DXOMARK added zoom and bokeh evaluation to its mobile testing. This protocol update comes in response to growing use of wide-angle and low-light photography among mobile users — a direct result of recent technological improvements such as the addition of ultra-wide-angle lenses and night mode.

With this update visitors to dxomark.com will be able to compare and determine which mobile camera is the best in terms of wide-angle and night photos.

Scoring changes

All changes in the scoring structure will be within the Photo sub-score. The Night score is an extension of the previous Flash score, updated with new tests in various phone settings such as Flash-off, Flash-auto, and dedicated Night modes. The Wide score will be a brand-new sub-score for smartphones with the ultra-wide lenses.

First Wide and Night Scores

DXOMARK released test scores of 12 phones that have been tested under the updated test protocols. They will continue to update the DXOMARK Camera (previously called DxOMark Mobile) scores for mobiles tested in the weeks ahead. Click through to the smartphone section to see all the updated DXOMARK Camera reviews and test results.