Digit Insurance offers Short Duration Holiday Home Protection

  • Digit Insurance is offering a protection plan which covers the content of the house starting from as low as 1 day while you are on holiday
  • Covers burglary of contents inside the house including appliances, gadgets, and jewelry; damage due to natural disasters and fire

Digit Insurance, a new age insurance company which aims to “Make Insurance Simple” brings to you Holiday Home Protection that covers the contents of the house while you are away. This short duration home protection covers the home contents against burglary, fire, and natural disasters. Consumers can avail this cover from the company website directly.

Digit Insurance understands that one of the biggest pain points for people when it comes to insurance is non-relevance. This cover is primarily targeted toward customers when they are traveling out of their house and fear for their home.

Key Product Highlights:

  • Contents inside the house such as appliances, gadgets, and jewelry; damage due to natural disasters and fire is covered in this plan
  • Digit’s home insurance product can be bought for a policy period of as low as 1 day to 180 days

Speaking about this offering, Vivek Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, said, “When we leave home for a vacation, we worry about our home contents especially from the fear of burglary. Which is why we put an extra lock, give the guard extra money, ask our neighbors to keep an extra watch, etc. The idea of this product is that people can secure their home for that period of time only, while they are traveling and are away from their homes. And that too at extremely affordable costs.”


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