Cybercrime Support Network Announces New Leadership Sponsorship with Verizon

Cybercrime Support Network

Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is pleased to announce a new leadership sponsorship with Verizon. With this sponsorship, CSN will be able to further expand the organization’s efforts to provide cybercrime and online fraud victims with the help and resources they need.

Millions of American consumers and small businesses are affected by cybercrime each year and struggle to find the resources they need to report, recover and reinforce their cybersecurity. is a platform created by CSN to provide assistance and resources to individuals and small business cybercrime victims from anywhere in the United States on any device.

With the support from Verizon, CSN will be able to strengthen this platform with resources from partners on the federal, state and local level. “We are so thankful to have Verizon’s support for our work to serve individuals and small businesses impacted by cybercrime and online fraud,” said Kristin Judge, CEO and founder of CSN. “Together, we will work with federal, state and local partners to build a collaborative system to provide resources to victims.”

Verizon is a global leader in cybersecurity. The company tracks over 61 billion cyber and data-related cybersecurity events on average every year. Its efforts are focused on providing its customers with a safe and secure online experience, and providing businesses with the critical tools needed to protect their own systems. With this insight, they help ensure that their customers and businesses interact and operate in a secure online environment, prioritizing in areas when and where it’s needed most.

“We are proud to start this partnership with the Cybercrime Support Network,” said Lydia Pulley, Senior Vice President, State Government and Legal Affairs.  “We intend to leverage this proactive engagement as an opportunity to offer our expertise and expand our reach as we jointly look for and engage new tools for consumers in the constant fight against cybercrime.  We’re confident that CSN’s platform will offer individuals with more effective and efficient ways to report criminal activity, investigate what happened and find solutions so that all of our customers and others can have a safer and more secure online experience. ”

Without corporate sponsorships and individual donations, CSN would not be able to expand the organization’s efforts to serve cybercrime victims.

Source: Cybercrime Support Network