BeatO launches a nationwide diabetes awareness program with experts

India faces Diabetes 'tipping point' with 20+ Crore Indians at risk

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  • BeatO launches a nationwide mass awareness program ‘India Beats Diabetes’ in collaboration with Republic Media Network; to engage with people with diabetes to drive better health outcomes

  • Republic Media Network will work with BeatO to build awareness and empower people living with Type 2 diabetes to control the condition and start a journey of remission and reversal

  • BeatO’s team of doctors and health coaches will share their knowledge and expertise in diabetes control, management and reversal to enable India to Beat Diabetes

In India, more than 10 lakh deaths are caused every year due to complications such as heart disease, nerve and kidney damage arising out of uncontrolled diabetes. The number of people with diabetes is expected to rise from 77 million in 2020 to 101 million in 2030, to 134 million in 2045. High prevalence and the expected rise of the lifestyle condition calls for an urgent need for all stakeholders to drive awareness on proper diabetes management and care.

To empower people to manage diabetes, BeatO – one of India’s leading digital care platforms for managing lifestyle-related chronic conditions, has launched a sustained mass awareness program, ‘India Beats Diabetes’ to build understanding on diabetes management. This awareness program will enable people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to effectively control and reduce the severity of the condition, through the knowledge and expertise of top doctors and coaches at BeatO.

The first and second waves of COVID-19 suggested that people with diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, are prey to infections and complications arising from it. Proper awareness about the condition, coupled with regular monitoring, lifestyle and behavioural changes, counselling from health coaches and advice from doctors can help keep diabetes in the control range, and enable reversal of Type 2 diabetes. This is especially important in India when over 200 million people live with Prediabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Considering about 47% living with diabetes are unaware of their condition, there is an intense need to aggressively discuss this non-communicable disease, its impact and management.

BeatO will be working with Republic Media Network to showcase facts about diabetes, bust myths, share lifestyle guidelines and expert advice from renowned diabetologists and endocrinologists on the BeatO platform.

Commenting on the partnership, Gautam Chopra, Co-founder & CEO, BeatO said, “Diabetes impacts 200 million Indians today, and puts immense pressure on our healthcare system. We have to ensure healthcare becomes more inclusive, affordable and accessible. The only way we can achieve this is through technology. At BeatO, our vision is to support every Indian family to beat Diabetes. BeatO gives the power to prevent, control and reverse diabetes into the hands of millions of Indians. We do this through our smartphone-connected glucometer and app that provides personalised insights and timely guidance by medical experts. This partnership with Republic will help us bring the same in-depth knowledge and expertise in diabetes care, control and reversal (Type 2 diabetes) to empower people across the country to manage the condition.”

Speaking on the initiative with BeatO, Arnab Goswami, Managing Director & Editor-in-Chief, Republic Media Network said, “The prevalence of Diabetes in India is enormous. The general awareness of the condition in the country is low, which results in a significant effect on the number of complications that people experience. There is an urgency for a sustained conversation on this subject; creating awareness on diabetes and the necessary measures required to battle it. Republic stands tall with partners who dedicate themselves for a social cause. Gautam, Yash and Kunal have a vision and they are here to revolutionize the path of access to healthcare for people across the nation, and we at Republic will support it in every possible way.”

Yash Sehgal, Co-founder & COO, BeatO further added, “At BeatO, we are working to alleviate the burden of chronic diseases to make sure India Beats Diabetes. Today when we face unprecedented challenges in the health sector, we at BeatO are taking diabetes management one step further and are now able to offer highly personalized care for Type 2 Diabetes reversal – which addresses the root cause of diabetes- insulin resistance and carb intolerance. We look forward to working with Republic Media Network to create nationwide awareness about diabetes management and drive better health outcomes for the nation.”

Clinical studies on the effectiveness of BeatO’s connected diabetes care program with real-time contextualized feedback loop and counselling on glycemic control of patients with diabetes in India has been published in Diabetes journal by the American Diabetes Association.

Studies prove that BeatO’s intervention via Health Coach counselling from Certified Diabetes Educators led to 51.9% reduction in hypoglycaemic incidences. Also, a reduction of 9.45% in fasting sugar levels was observed within just 45 days.

BeatO provides solutions to monitor, manage and reduce the impact of diabetes – along with other cardiometabolic conditions like blood pressure and cholesterol.